Barred in DC 6th Anniversary Party + Celebration of Favorite Drinking Block in City – Saturday March 9th – 5p – The Pug

To commemorate Barred in DC’s Twitter followers’ favorite drinking block in DC, the 1200 Block of H St. NE, as well as the awful day six years ago when this site/Twitter account was launched, Barred in DC will be celebrating this upcoming Saturday, March 9th.

The festivities start at 5p at The Pug (1234 H St. NE; ed. note: the 14th worst bar in DC), where it will remain till Barred in DC’s ADHD hits (so probably around 7:30-8pish at the earliest, but keep abreast of the Twitter account for any moves to nearby spots on the same block or the 2nd favorite block in DC (the 1300 block). Pizza (from the local gourmet joint, a.k.a. Pizza Hut) will be available on the early side, while supplies last. Free autographs as well. The Pug promises a West Virginia-themed drink, in honor of Barred in DC’s home state.


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