EatBar Closes, Again


Eatbar has closed once again, this time after 3 years on Barracks Row. The Neighborhood Restaurant Row bar/restaurant, which was resurrected with much Washington Post fanfare on March 31, 2016 (was supposed to open in fall 2015) after being open in Lyon Park in Arlington from 2007-2014, announced earlier this evening on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that its last day would be next Friday March 15th.

Barred in DC likely swiped its credit card more times at this bar than any bar in DC during that time, mostly owing to its tremendous happy hour (one of the best in the District-$4 craft beer, wine, cocktails and bites M-F 4-7p) which was conveniently on way home from work. Red Apron Burger essentially merged to the location in September 2017.

This closure shouldn’t be stunning, for a number of reasons. Capitol Hill, aside from a few spots, isn’t a strong market for bars yet, considering its lack of density and plethora of young families-young folks aren’t flocking there. The block of Capitol Hill in which it was located, is known for being a “problem block” for the neighborhood with lots of loitering and panhandling. Inside, the space has very narrow with not that much room for groups (including, key for the neighborhood, kids with their parents) and the designer did no service by creating wayy too bulky bar seats to guarantee that there could not be that great of a bar scene. Aside from happy hour, the place was often empty and relied on UberEats/delivery services to send out its burgers. Recently it cut back on Monday service.

And perhaps the main reason-NRG is focused on opening its multi-concept spot just over a half mile/one metro spot away, The Roost, which will feature bars featuring beer and cocktails as well as Red Apron Burger (perhaps sushi, pizza, and tacos as well). Eatbar pretty much acknowledges this fact in its announcement.


2 responses to “EatBar Closes, Again”

  1. ok, not the point you intended, but AMEN: i started to think that i am the only one who thinks that block is a problem block. but i don’t know why you are putting quotes around it. i read them like they’re undeserved air quotes. that side of the block is ridiculous. i go out of my way to avoid it. anyone who dares get cash out of that bank of america must be either a male used to not being afraid of being mugged or just plain oblivious. i’ve personally witnessed drugs being sold in the bank of america vestibule. and it’s frustrating that cop cars are often by the dunkin’ donuts at the end of the block, but they ignore the middle of the block. it’s like there’s some understanding, that the cops have given that side of the block over to drug dealers and users….but i’ve often wondered what restaurant owners think of that and how it has affected visitors walking from eastern market metro down to the restaurants on barracks row. i can’t be the only one who on more that one occasion has to had to literally step over people sleeping on the sidewalk. i mean, sleeping in the middle of the day, and i think it’s a fair assumption they’re zonked out from drugs, not just taking a nap. then there’s the 7-11, where the crazy occasionally gets downright aggressive. i’ve been approached for money at the bus stop across the street more than once by the 7-11 regulars who know that you’re standing there waiting for a bus so you aren’t going to walk away. it’s such a convenient target for them. then there’s the starbucks, which is a public bathroom for those waiting for their next meal from the homeless place at 8th & penn. really, the only reason i brave that bad side of the block is for chipotle and chiko. eatbar always looked interesting, and i even checked out its website more than once, but it never appeared to be worth the hassle of the The Problem Block.

  2. […] the favorite happy hour of the Hill’s own Barred in DC, who first reported the closure Friday night, Eat Bar opened on Eighth Street SE in Spring 2016. Neighborhood Restaurant Group (NRG), which owns […]

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