DC Restaurants and Bars That Will Be Closed Permanently or For the Winter or Longer

As predicted by many in the industry, the pandemic as well as the associated restrictions have led restaurants/bars to announce that they are closing permanently (though several would have closed no matter what). In addition, many spots 1) reopened but since have announced winter/indefinite closures including takeout (Still hoping to come back, despite poor reading comprehension and/or less optimism than me by many) and 2) spots that have not reopened but haven’t announced permanent closures.  The ones in DC that serve alcohol are listed below.

Last Updated: May 23, 2021

Permanent Closures

(date of opening in parentheses)
* indicates that they didn’t close due to pandemic per their announcement
Note: Many of these spots listed would have closed with or without a pandemic/lockdown, as many spots lease would have been up and lots of restaurants close every year. People keep mentioning Marvin but not officially closed yet. Did not list DC Reynolds because they announced closure pre-pandemic

  1. Post Pub (1974/1976)
  2. The Meeting Place (1970s)
  3. Otello (1985)
  4. The Big Hunt (1992)
  5. The Oval Room (1994; new French concept, called La Bise, from same owners)
  6. Eighteenth Street Lounge (1995)
  7. Capitol Lounge (current owner says 1994, but I think it’s 1996)
  8. Fado (1998)*
  9. Chi Cha Lounge (1999-replaced with Peruvian restaurant, El Secreto de Rosita, from same owner)
  10. Miss Saigon (late 90s)
  11. Twins Jazz (1987/last location 2000)
  12. Legal Sea Foods Chinatown (late 90s/early 00s?)
  13. Montmartre (2001)
  14. Lucky Strike (2005)
  15. Billy Goat Tavern (2005)
  16. The Source (2007)
  17. Vapiano Dupont (2007)
  18. Cafe Soleil (2008)
  19. Wisdom (2008)
  20. Vapiano Chinatown (2009)
  21. Seventh Hill Pizza (2009)
  22. Ziegfield’s/Secrets (1980; last location 2009)*
  23. Molly Malone’s/Finn McCool’s (2009)
  24. U Street Music Hall (2010)
  25. Acqua al 2 (2010)  (now a virtual restaurant (takeout/delivery only) out of Via Ghibellina in Ivy City)
  26. Kitty O’Shea’s (2011) (supposedly would have closed anyways due to redevelopment)
  27. El Centro D.F. 14th (2011)
  28. District Commons (2011)
  29. Burger Tap & Shake (2011)
  30. Codmother (2011)
  31. Harold Black (2012)
  32. Bistro Bohem (2012)
  33. Maddy’s Tap Room (2012)
  34. A&D Bar (2012)
  35. Matchbox 14th (2012)
  36. Cusbah (2012) (now a delivery/takeout spot Downtown from new owner)
  37. Taqueria Nacional 14th/T (2012)
  38. Sushi Para (2012)
  39. Roses De Javu (2012) (replaced by spot called Vibez on H from same owner)
  40. Red Rocks H Street (2013)
  41. Bravo Bar (2013) (some reports that it has not actually closed, stay tuned)
  42. B Too (2013)
  43. Rebellion (2014)
  44. Coppi’s Organic (early 90s/last location 2014)
  45. Willie’s (2014; new concept from same owners  called Stadium Sports)
  46. Oki Bowl M St (2014)
  47. Texas de Brazil (2015)
  48. Momofuku/Milk Bar (2015)
  49. Sotto (2015)
  50. Campono (2015)
  51. The Airedale (2015)
  52. DC Eagle (1971; last location 2015)*
  53. Big Chief (2016; had temporarily shut down pre-pandemic but was planning on coming back before owner permanently closed)
  54. Bareburger Dupont (2016)
  55. Declaration Shaw (2016)
  56. L8 (2016)
  57. Anxo Truxton Circle (2016)
  58. Nocturne (2017)
  59. Johnny’s Half Shell (1999; last location 2017)
  60. Kith/Kin (2017)
  61. Tyber Creek Wine Bar (2017)
  62. TwelveTwelve/KyssKyss (2018)
  63. America Eats Tavern (2018)
  64. A Rake’s Progress (2018)
  65. Taco Bamba Chinatown (2018)
  66. Circa Chinatown (2018)
  67. Poca Madre (2018)
  68. Taqueria Local (2018)
  69. Po Boy Jim’s on 9th/Shaw (2018)
  70. High Street Cafe (2018)
  71. Declaration Navy Yard (2018)
  72. Olivia (2019)
  73. Phillips Seafood and Steak (2019)
  74. Pom Pom (2019)
  75. Tino’s Pizzeria (2019)
  76. Hex (2019)
  77. Emilie’s (2019-now new concept called Paraiso from same owners)
  78. Roy Boys Navy Yard (2019)
  79. Coconut Club (2019)

Other notable closures of non-booze spots include: Amsterdam Falafelshop 14th St, Sundevich Georgetown, several Beefsteak locations, Firehook Bakery (CP), Mason Dixie, Peregrine 14th, Pleasant Pops, Red Hook Lobster, Mason Dixie Foods (now retail via grocery)

Indefinite Closures

Dates in () were the last day they were open in 2020.  Many have closed for the foreseeable future, and have uncertain futures, but several have stated they will return. Spots that closed after the indoor dining “pause” was announced will be added if they don’t reopen after the pause is over.

Crossed out means that reopening has been announced

  1. Dio (6/14; plans to open again, perhaps at Phase 3)
  2. Magnolia (7/10; “closed for the foreseeable future”)
  3. The Public Option (briefly opened for to-go sales in July, reapplied liquor license and will reopen later in 2021)
  4. Northside Tavern  (sometime in July or August 2020. “We hope to reopen again in the future.”)
  5. H Street Country Club (early August, reopened sometimes as wing virtual restaurant)
  6. The Partisan/Red Apron Butcher PQ (9/28; “hope to reopen as soon as the time is right”; (5/20 “we hope to have the remaining businesses reopened in stages to be complete by the end of the summer.”)
  7. Muzette (10/11 closing til Phase 3)
  8. Carving Room Mt Vernon (10/25; closing “temporarily…We will continue to look for ways to re-open our doors and hope to see you all again”). [location now open as Wing Lab virtual kitchen a few days a week but also with Carving Room menu items
  9. Hazel (10/31. was only open 10/1-31; “shutter our doors for the foreseeable future…until we see you someday.”(5/20 “we hope to have the remaining businesses reopened in stages to be complete by the end of the summer.”)
  10. Smoke and Barrel (11/23 last day, announced 11/30. Hoping to “reopen early next year with lower rent and less space.”) [hopes to reopen in May/early June]
  11. Last Call (11/29, was only open 9/5-11/29; closed “for the time being…our Last Hurrah until we see you again!”) [reopening reportedly 6/11]

Other notable indefinite closures of non-booze spots include Breadline

Winter Closures

These spots have indicated that they plan to return in March/spring. Dates in () were the last day they were open in 2020. Spots that closed after the indoor dining “pause” was announced will be added if seems they won’t reopen after the pause is over.

  1. Ristorante Tosca (10/10, reopening 5/25)
  2. Coconut Club/Subbie’s (10/18; “Our plans are to close for fall and winter, with reopening plans for 2021” was renegotiating with landlord as of March 2021)
  3. Room 11 (10/31 but lunch to-go cafe still open; “We hope to return in April – perhaps with a new look or  a new name”))
  4. Penn Social (11/21, was only open 9/13-11/21. “Closed for the winter”)
  5. Madhatter (11/22, was only open 9/20-11/22. “temporarily closing our doors for the holiday season.”) [reopening June 8th]
  6. Boqueria Penn Quarter (early Dec., still closed)
  7. Stoney’s on L (still closed)

Has Not Reopened Since March 16th, 2020 Restaurant/Bar Shutdown (very incomplete)

Cross out means reopening has been announced or has reopened.

  1. Velvet Lounge (reportedly for sale)
  2. Dodge City (possibly permanently, self-revoked corporate registration in fall 2020)
  3. Quara (possibly permanently)
  4. Astro Beer Hall
  5. Marvin (as of March 2021, still a question mark, but next door applied to take over space)
  6. The Pug (sometime in June or early July)
  7. Minibar
  8. Dan’s Cafe
  9. Bravo Bar [likely permanently closed}
  10. Bier Baron  [open as of late May/early June
  11. Bedrock Billiards [now open]
  12. 9:30 Club [will reoepn, first show on schedule in Sept]
  13. Black Cat [will reopen, first show on schedule in August]
  14. Echostage [reopens 6/11]
  15. Jackpot [reopened 5/21]
  16. Denson Liquor Bar [reopened 3/24]
  17. The Boardwalk [Reopened 5/26]
  18. Bravo Bravo
  19. Living Room [reopens 6/11]
  20. Opera Ultra Lounge [reopens 6/11]
  21. Spin
  22. Heist [coming back soon] 
  23. St. Arnold’s on Jefferson [coming back soon]
  24. Pure Lounge [reopened 11/20]
  25. Tropicalia
  26. The Dabney Cellar
  27. Club Timehri [reopened 5/21]
  28. The Tombs
  29. JImmy Valentine’s
  30. Madam’s Organ [reopened 5/21]
  31. The Anthem [first new shows scheduled in August]
  32. Truth 78 [reopening by 5/29]
  33. Nomad [reopened 5/21]
  34. Russia House [plans to reopen once it gets staffed up]
  35. Ozio [reopened in spring]
  36. Edgar Bar & Kitchen
  37. Rosebar [reopening 6/11]
  38. Saint Yves [reopening 6/11]
  39. Hawthorne [reopening June]
  40. New Vegas Lounge 
  41. Lost Society [reopening 6/11]
  42. b burger bar
  43. Ultrabar reopening 6/11]
  44. Sichuan Pavilion (may be permanently closed)
  45. Union Trust [reopens 5/24]
  46. Carmine’s [reopens June]
  47. Rosa Mexicana
  48. Junction Bakery [reopened around 5/21]
  49. Maialino Mare [reopens 6/12]
  50. The Fireplace
  51. Plume
  52. Churchkey (5/20 “we hope to have the remaining businesses reopened in stages to be complete by the end of the summer.”
  53. The Sovereign (5/20 “we hope to have the remaining businesses reopened in stages to be complete by the end of the summer.”)
  54. Hank’s on the Hill

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