List of DC Spots That Have Closed During Pandemic


As predicted by many in the industry, the pandemic as well as the associated restrictions have led restaurants/bars to announce (or otherwise indicate) that they are closely permanently (at least in their current form and location). Although some of these spots have explicitly said they’re not closing due to the pandemic (see *), including anyways as you never really know (bars that announcing closing in advance before pandemic was an issue are not included). Note that this Eater DC list was consulted, though I supplemented (dates it opened in parentheses). Booze-serving spots in the District only (so don’t @ me with Peregrine or a random Subway)

  1. Post Pub (1974/1976)
  2. Eighteenth Street Lounge (1995)
  3. Fado (1998)*
  4. Montmartre (2001)
  5. Lucky Strike (2005)
  6. The Source (2007)
  7. Cafe Soleil (2008)
  8. Seventh Hill Pizza (2009)
  9. Ziegfield’s/Secrets (1980; last location 2009)
  10. Ghibellina (2013)
  11. Red Rocks H Street (2013)
  12. B Too (2013)
  13. Momofuku/Milk Bar (2015)
  14. Sotto (2015)
  15. Campono (2015)
  16. DC Eagle (1971; last location 2015)*
  17. Big Chief (2016)
  18. Bareburger Dupont (2016)
  19. Nocturne (2017)
  20. Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. (1st storefront 2017; last location 2018)
  21. America Eats Tavern (2018)
  22. A Rake’s Progress (2018)
  23. Pom Pom (2019)
  24. Megarolls H Street (2019)


1 thought on “List of DC Spots That Have Closed During Pandemic

  1. JOHN

    My friends and I have been regulars at the Post Pub for the last 20 years, we’ll miss her dearly,…


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