Phase 2 in DC Starting Monday June 22nd – But What Does That Mean?

Image by Mr.TinDC licensed under Creative Commons.

Mayor Bowser announced today that DC is moving into phase 2 of the reopening starting effective Monday, June 21th (joining Montgomery County the previous Friday, 10 days after NoVa, and a week after PG County).

The Mayor issued a Phase 2 order (which followed this presentation, as well as guidelines, plus ABRA rules, and FAQ. Phase 2 will allow the following

Gatherings of 50 people or less Allowed (unless otherwise allowed. Does not apply to federal property)

Mask rules unchanged

Restaurants, Breweries, Bars, Distilleries

  • Indoor seating allowed (no standing) at 50% capacity with 6 foot buffer between parties (not just tables, but between patrons)
    • Restaurant staff and people sitting outside don’t count
  • Outdoor seating continues (with same 6 foot safeguards)
  • Seating at bar itself permitted but with 6 feet between parties AND when there’s no bartender working at that bar
    • So basically only for places that have multiple bars, and you have to mark if open for service or not
  • Limit of 6 people seated at a table or joined table
    • Communal tables can be used but need to demarcate 6 feet between groups
  • No indoor queuing 
  • Food must continue to be purchased by each table
  • Each spot will continue to have to offer at least 3 food items
  • No self-serve buffet
  • Dancing, darts, pool, other games will remain prohibited
  • Live music not allowed
  • Must close at midnight (if sell alcohol), both indoors and outdoors

Other Rules:

  • Gyms/workout studios (including in apartments/condo buildings) can open at very limited capacity (5 people/1000 SF).
    • Classes must keep 10 foot buffer.
    • No locker rooms, showering
    • 10 feet between equipment
  • Apartment/condo/gym pools may open (but not hotel pools)
    • Management must establish and enforce written infection plan
    • Mandatory sign-in (date, time, apt number, cell phone bumber)
    • Residents only
    • Unannounced inspections by DCRA and DOH
  • DPR pools open for lessons and lap swimming and other structured activities sometime after July 15th.
    • No deck lingering except during mandatory rest period
    • 6 feet buffer
  • All retailers can open for indoor shopping,
    • though ones that were closed during stay-at-home order can only open at 50% capacity
  • Nail/wax salon/spas/tattoos/threading open by appointment only at 6 feet apart (no waiting)
    • previously only barbershops and hair salons
  • Playgrounds open
  • Libraries will reopen in certain areas at 50% capacity. Time limits likely.
  • Museums/art galleries/National Zoo can reopen with capacity limits and physical distancing measures
    • guided tours not allowed in most situations
    • sneeze guards/protective barriers at ticket booths
    • tape/signage
    • Cannot allow more than 50 people in any self-contained exhibit hall/room
    • No standing receptions
  • Childcare can reopen to same staff/child capacity as prior to pandemic
  • Camps can open to max 10 people in single indoor space at a time.
  • Churches/places of worship go up to 100 people or 50% capacity, whichever is less. 10 person max groups 6 feet from other groups.
    • must clean between services
    • Encouraged take reservations and assign seats
  • Real estate open houses allowed
    • no more than 50 people
    • agents/hosts should take names
  • Theaters, cinemas, entertainment venues can apply for waiver to hold an event

Must Stay Closed:

  • Hookah/cigar bars must be closed
  • Hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms at gyms or residential buildings
  • No guided tours or large tour groups
  • Spray parks

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