Where to Get Hot Cocktails and Other Hot Drinks in DC

Boozy Hot Chocolates

Winter is upon us, and given that most of you will only be comfortable dining/drinking outdoors or takeout only, it may be helpful to know where the hot cocktails are located. Here’s an incomplete list, based partially on crowdsourced Twitter lists. Also consulted Washingtonian/Daniella Byck, and Eater/Tierney Plumb. Those with 3 or more options are listed below (references to cider mean boozy/mulled hot cider). Not all are to-go.  Again, this is an incomplete list. Linked sometimes to the menu but you can also Google.

Lots of Hot Drink Options

  • McClellan’s Retreat: fancy cocktails ($15) including hot toddy, rye/amaro/cider, mexcal/cacao syrup/hot, jager/butter syrup, boozy hot chocolate, rum/cardamaro/vecchio amaro/hot cider
  • Truxton Inn: fancy cocktails ($13) including hot toddy, rye/amaro/cider, mexcal/cacao syrup/hot, jager/butter syrup, boozy hot chocolate, pineapple rum/sherry/lemon/hot cider
  • Cantina Bambina/Snow Globe: Hot toddy with Don Julio Reposado Tequila, peppermint hot cocoa, carolina coffee, Irish coffee, mulled wine, cider (vodka, rum, or apple whisky
  • The Royal: $13 glass/$20 thermos: hot toddy with rum, coconut, spiced pineapple, angostura, citrus; boozy hot chocolate (bourbon, toasted peanut, dark chocolate, dried chile, orange zest, steamed milk: royal treatment (mole eggnog): mezcal, house royal mole, nutmeg, cinnamon, whole egg, steamed milk
  • Electric Cool-Aid (hibernating for winter): toddy, a cider, and hot chocolate, all with different booze combinations. Available in to-go singles or 4-serving containers.
  • Pub and the People: hot bourbon cider, bourbon spiked hot cocoa, pumkin spice spiked hot cocoa, hot toddy, penicillin hot
  • The Green Zone: 5 cocktails: Lebanese mulled win, Wadi Rum (hot toddy), Chocolate Toddy, coquito, classic hot toddy,
  • Red Bear Brewing: in person only: hot toddy, several varieties of boozy hot chocolate, cider
  • Walter’s: tequila infused chamomile tea, boozy hot chocolate, cider, horchata/kahlua
  • Columbia Room: $70 18 oz thermos (serves 3-4). Glogg, boozy hot chocolate with mezcal, Smores cocktails. Along with spirit-free
  • Hook Hall Viking Village: mulled wine, cider, hot toddy, Irish coffee (add boozy whipped cream for $2)
  • The Midlands: cider, boozy hot chocolate with peanut butter whiskey, Jameson hot toddy, Irish Coffee
  • Prost: Gluhwein (mulled wine), Apfelwein (hot cider), and Mexican hot chocolate.
  • Duke’s Grocery: Dublin coffee, Chai Toddy, Sailor toddy, Bourbon, pumpkin spice puree, nutmeg; cider
  • Calico: rum/spiced root beer syrup/lemon, Jameson cold brew;pumpkin spice/brown sugar/craeam
  • Trusty’s: Cider & 3 varieties Spiked Hot Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Butterscotch & Whipped Cream + Hot Toddy’s
  • Breadsoda: multiple hot drinks including Bailey’s and Jameson
  • Lost & Found: Hot toddy, spiked hot chocolate, cider, Irish coffee
  • The Salt Line: mulled cider, hot toddies, Irish Coffee
  • DC9: cider, mulled wine, Boozy nutella hot chocolate

Other Spots

  • The Roost: hot chocolate/chartreuse cocktail, hot mezcal apple cocktail
  • The Brig: naughty hot chocolate, cider, mulled wine
  • Red Bear: hot chocolate rumchata
  • All Purpose Navy Yard: Hot rum chai spiced cider
  • Jaleo: spiked hot chocolate and cider
  • Wundergarten: Spiked hot chocolate, cider
  • Across the Pond: Irish Coffee, hot toddies
  • Oku: hot tequila apple cider cocktail (on HH menu)
  • Sonny’s Pizza: cider, hot Penicillan cocktails
  • Lyman’s Tavern: mulled cider
  • The Board Room: mulled wine, cider, peppermint hot chocoalte
  • Medium Rare: cider (Woodford Reserve)
  • Le Diplomate: cider
  • Brookland Pint: cider
  • Brookland’s Finest: cider
  • Stable: Mulled wine, cider
  • Tyber Creek Wine Bar (hibernation next week): Mulled cider, Irish coffee, hot toddies and red wine hot chocolate
  • The Blaguard: cider
  • El Techo: infused tea
  • The Imperial: cider
  • The Game/Tiki on 18th: hot toddy w/ rotating tea
  • Tiki TNT: hot pineapple cider
  • Conrad Hotel: fancy hot toddy’s
  • Cuba Libre parklet: hot cocktails
  • Little Coco’s Hot Coco: hot cocoa (mezcal), cider
  • Garden District: peppermint schnapps hot chocolate
  • CHicken & Whiskey: cider
  • Archipelago: scotch, drambuie, mulled wine syrup
  • Astoria
  • Copycat
  • Chi Cha Lounge
  • The Betsy




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