What DC Restaurants Supporting the National Guard

Image by Mr.TinDC licensed under Creative Commons.

Up to 21,000 National Guard troops from across the country are expected to be in the DC area by the time of Inauguration Wednesday, with nearly 1/3 here by the end of the weekend. In part due to the viral tweets that showed many of these military reserve soldiers (mostly part-time) sleeping on the floor of the Capitol,  but also due to a sense of appreciation for the protection being provided, many DC restaurants and residents have sought to support these Nat Guard members with meals. (Note: all of these members have in fact lodging at barracks or hotels around the area; the images show the members during their rest/nap breaks during their long 12-24 hour on-duty shifts).

Although the National Guard has stated that it is not in fact accepting donations, it appears that restaurants or others who have a contact with the Guard have been able to provide purchased (supplemented with donations) of meals and food. You may want to support these spots with a donation or a meal purchase for yourself. Here’s a running list of spots who’ve done so (link to donation page if available)

  • We The Pizza (Eater article provides context that shows they’ve coordinated to provide food from the following). Donation link supports donations from all these spots.
    • Good Stuff Eatery (their sister restaurant)
    • PLNT Burger
    • Maketto
    • Breadsoda
    • CHIKO
    • RASA
    • Pizzeria Paradiso
    • RIS
    • Sticky Fingers Eats & Sweets
    • Cane
    • The Duck and The Peach
    • District Doughnuts 
  • Craft Beer Cellar is organizing donations (Venmo hstne-love). So far:
    • Farmbird
    • Tony’s Place
    • The Big Board
    • Pie Shop
    • Bullfrog Bagels
  • Jose Andres/World Central Kitchen (Video here)
  • District Taco

Know of any others? Email barredindc@gmail.com or @barredindc on Twitter

You can also support DC residents in need by checking out my charity guide.


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