Where to Watch Euro 2020 in 2021 in DC

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Updated June 11, 2021

The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, aka Euro 2020, was postponed a year due to the pandemic, and arguably the 2nd most popular world soccer competition-at least the 2nd most accessible one-(behind the World Cup) kicks off Friday June 11th, ending Sunday July 11th.

DC, being one of the biggest TV markets for international soccer in the US, will have a fair share of bars that will attract fans for a fun watch experience. Matches are 9a, noon, and 3p DC time most days until Saturday June 19th, and mostly Noon and 3p after that.

It does not appear that any bar in DC will be opening early to show every single match, but there are certain spots that will be great places to watch. Because all matches are ESPN, ESPN2, or ABC, every bar with a TV that is open before 5p can have it on. Fritz Hahn for the Post has another good round-up (and reporting about the challenges)

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  • Lucky Bar (Dupont)
    • Historically and still best soccer bar in DC
    • Showing all weekend matches (at least first weekend) but no 9a weekday matches
    • HH 3-8p M-W, and Fri ($3.50 pint, $5 craft beer, $4 rails
  • Across the Pond (Dupont)
    • Bar opens at 8:30a for weekend 9a matches
    • Closed Mondays so no matches 6/14 and 6/21. Not open for 9a matches 6/15-6/18. Not open for noon matches 6/15-17 and 6/23
    • $5 Heineken & Strongbow pints during matches / $6 Guinness pints all day during tourney / $4 Bloody Marys & Mimosas during 10a-1p weekend brunch / HH 3-8p daily
    • Reservations accepted: email reservations@acrosstheponddc.com.
  • Dock FC (Ivy City)
    • Open for all matches on weekends (open 8a on weekends). Fridays showing at least 3p match, possibly noon as well
    • Will open for others based on demand
  • Biergarten Haus (H Street)
    • Open at 3p for weekday matches. Early on weekend (possibly only for Germany or Austria matches)
    • Lots of outdoor seating
  • Wunder Garten (NoMa)
    • Generally will open an hour before match. only showing 9a matches 6/13 and 6/19. During Group stage only showing noon matches 6/13, 6/15, 6/19, 6/20, and 6/23. Not showing matches 6/21
    • lots of outdoor seating but best vantage point under the tent
    • Partnership with UK, German, and French embassies (others to be added
    • Widened selection of European beers. $1 for each Dogfish Head beer donated to DC Scores
  • Irish Channel (Chinatown/PQ)
    • Open early (at least 3p matches likely noon matches)
  • The Artemis (Columbia Heights)
    • Open at least for all 3p matches and likely at least noon matches on weekends TBD
  • Walters Sports Bar (Navy Yard)
    • Showing all noon and 3p matches (normal hours)
    • outdoor seating
  • Sauf Haus (Dupont)
    • Open for all 3p matches (except closed Mondays). at least noon matches on weekends. TBD.
  • Midlands (Park View)
    • Open for 3p matches on weekdays, noon matches on weekends. Open at 1p on Fridays
    • HH 3-5p M-Thurs, 1-5p Fri, 11a-1p Sat-Sun
    • lots of outdoor seating
  • The Queen Vic (H St)
    • showing England matches and some Wales matches
  • The Fairmont (West End)
    • showing all games in lounge and lobby bar plus replays
  • Penn Quarter Sports Tavern (PQ)
    • Open for all noon and 3p matches (normal hours)
  • Duke’s Grocery/Counter (Dupont, Foggy Bottom, and Woodley Parkish)
    • Showing all noon and 3p matches at all locations. Showing 9a Sunday England v. Croatia match at Foggy Bottom

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