The Best Frozen Drinks in DC

DC’s Best Frozen Drink – the Cocomotion from Cotton & Reed

On the verge of summer, frozen drinks at DC’s bars and restaurants will be popular. So I asked Barred in DC’s Twitter followers for their best frozen drinks. Here’s a list of the most popular spots and drinks. Note that usually if a spot has one great frozen drink, they usually have more.

Most Mentioned

  • Cotton & Reed (Union Market area)
    • Cocomotion ($13) – White & Gold rums, Lacto-coco, pina, pandan
      • Note: This is the best frozen cocktail Barred in DC has ever had anywhere.
    • Del-Tone ($12) – White Rum, passion fruit, mango, sauvignon blanc, aperol
  • Electric Cool Aid (Shaw)
    • Disney on Ice ($11) – Dole whip colada, pineapple, coconut, rum, magic
    • Painkiller also mentioned. Several popular frozen cocktails there

2nd Most Mentioned

  • The Salt Line (Navy Yard)
    • Frozen Del’s Shandy ($13; $7 Noon-4p Fri) – Finlandia vodka, lemon, Narragansett Del’s Shandy
  • Cactus Cantina (Cathedral Heights) / Lauriol Plaza (Dupont)
    • Frozen Swirl Margaritas ($9.55 / $24 (half pitcher) / $47.70 (pitcher))
    • Lauriol has Monday Margarita specials ($6.50 / $16.95 (half pitcher) / $31.95 (pitcher)
    • Same owners
  • Little Miss Whiskeys (H Street)
    • Awesomeness ($8-10ish) – Possibly Sweet Tea vodka and Peach schnapps
  • All Purpose Capitol Riverfront (Navy Yard)
    • Waluigi ($14; $8 during HH until 7p M-F) – rum, pineapple, lime, ube
    • Other booze Italian Water Ice flavors available at different times (people like Mario) Daisy Swirl (mix)

3rd Most Mentioned

  • Archipelago (U Street)
    • Frozen Pina Colada ($12) – white rum, coconut, pineapple
  • Colada Shop (14th St & The Wharf)
    • Pina Colada shushee ($10; $8 during HH 3-6p M-F)
  • Sonny’s Pizza (Park View)
    • Golden Child Slushie ($12) – gin, vodka, VSOP cognac, meyer lemon, orange
  • The Green Zone (Adams Morgan)
    • Mint lemonade & More ($14) – fresh mint, lemon. Choice of Polish vodka or Lebanese gin. Blended frostiness.

Mentioned Multiple TImes

  • Last Call/Suburbia/Buffalo and Bergen (Union Market): all owned by Gina Chersevani
  • TikiTNT (The Wharf): Rum “In” Coke ($14)
  • Walter’s Sports Bar ((Navy Yard): Painkiller ($15 16 oz, $25 32 oz)
  • District Daiquiri (Bloomingdale, H Street): popup DCity Smokehouse and Sol ($13 16 oz, $22 32 oz, $40 1/2 gallon)
  • Baan Siam (Mt Vernon Triangle): Frozen Lychee & White Lotus slushees ($12)
  • Jimmy Valentine’s (H Streetish): Mr. Lethal ($8-10ish, root beer vodka slushie)
  • Mercy Me (West End): Kick Ass Colada ($14)
  • The Smith (U St location): French 75 Slushie ($14.50)
  • Millie’s (Spring Valley): Riptide ($10 or $14)

Others Mentioned: Dirty Habit, La Famosa, Bammy’s, Purple Patch, El Chucho, 600T, Board Room, Chupacabra, Grand Duchess, Chaplin’s, Lost and Found, Estadio, Roofer’s Union, BKK Cookshop, Due South, Carmine’s, Free State, DC9, Takoda, Casta’s, Lulu’s Wine Garden, Breadsoda, Le Diplomate, El Centro DF, Columbia Room, El Rey


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