Join the Barred in DC Streetcar Bar Stroll – Friday July 23rd – 8pm

DC Streetcar (photo by Barred in DC)

It’s been five years since the DC Streetcar finally opened and for almost that long, people have been bar hopping using it. If you been following Barred in DC since the beginning, you may recall that an early feature were public transportation bar crawls (90 series bus, 70 bus, 42 bus, DC Circulator were all events attended by friends and family only-though open to all-in 2013-2015). So it’s just natural that we’d finally host another bar hopping event Friday, July 23rd starting at 8pm with the DC Streetcar taking us from each establishment to the next.

Tentative Schedule

8pm: Cafe Fili. No bars are open in Union Station after 7p so this is closest spot with a bar near the beginning of Streetcar. Really good food here so if you want to grab dinner may want to stop here early

8:50p: Walk about 1000 feet to the western terminus of the DC Streetcar on the Hopscotch Bridge. Stairs up to H St off 2nd St NE (around 5 minute walk). Take DC streetcar to next stop.

9:00p: Arrive at The Big Board (adjacent to 5th and H NE stop)

9:55p: Take DC Streetcar from 5th and H NE to 13th and H NE stop

10:00p: Arrive at 13th and H NE stop. Depending on size of crowd, walk to H Street Country Club and/or Hill Prince about 400 feet away.

Important Notes:

  • This event is not officially sanctioned or endorsed by DC Streetcar.
  • No drinking or eating on the DC Streetcar
  • Masks are legally required to be worn on the DC Streetcar and by any business if a sign requires it.
  • None of the bars we are visiting are partnering with Barred in DC, so no specials or anything.

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