How to Hack the Washingtonian’s Top 25 Restaurants

Daru’s $10 Happy Hour chicken tikka masala/rice/naan

Washingtonian’s Top 100 Restaurants issue just came out for the first time since right before the pandemic, 3 years ago. Without these (I used to do a massive spreadsheet to track those restaurants that made it and other spots, with tips on best ways to save money), Barred in DC may not have existed. I don’t have time to go through the top 100, but here are some ways (that 11-15 years ago) I would have used to more easily check off more on the list (yes, the “hack” term here is stupid)

Those in top 25 which have cheaper/easier ways to experience them:

  • The Dabney
    • Eat at bar/patio a la carte (or $90 tasting)
  • L’Ardente
    • Pizza and many pastas around $20
    • Delivery (major apps)
  • Happy Gyro
    • Dinner for $14-20 takeout (order online)
    • Takeout/ Skip the Line
  • Inferno Pizzeria
    • Dinner for under $20 possible
    • Phone order for carryout accepted at 3p, can be sold out before dinner
  • Causa
    • Eat at Bar Amazonia for a la carte. Could get a meal for under $30
  • Daru
    • Dinner for under $25 possible
    • Daily HH 5-6:30p at bar includes $10 cocktails and a $10 tikka masala/rice/garlic naan (possibly best value in DC. note the photo above includes more naan than included because a couple of us ordered this)
  • The Duck and The Peach
    • $22 Duck Fat Burger only available at the bar
    • Brunch on wknds for under $20
  • Anju
    • Dinner $25-30 possible 5-6p M-F HH on patio, lounge, bar on 1st floor
    • Takeout + Delivery (major apps)
  • elle
    • breakfast/lunch $10-17 (takeout available)HH 5:30-6:30p $10 cocktails/wine and a couple snacks
    • HH 5:30-6:30p $10 cocktails/wine and a couple snacks
  • 2 Amy’s
    • Dinner under $25 possible (tip included)
    • Takeout
  • Caruso’s Grocery
    • Dinner under $25 possible
    • Takeout
  • Elephant Jumps
    • Dinner under $20 possible
  • Convivial
    • HH 5-6p M-Th includes $5 beer, $8 cocktails, $7/10 wine and lot of snacksBrunch a bit cheaper
    • Takeout + delivery (UberEats, DoorDash)
  • Fiola Mare
    • Lunch slightly cheaper ($58 3 course menu) $95 pre-theater menu 5-6:30 Tu-Sun
    • Sat/Sun brunch: $95 appetizer/brunch entree/dessert and pastry/bread basket including 75 minutes of bottomless prosecco or classic brunch cocktails
    • Takeout available
  • 2fifty’s
    • Meals under $20 available
    • Takeout available
  • Queen’s English
    • Meals under $20 available
    • “Natty HH” 5-7p daily includes a few $45 bottles of natural wine, $12 champagne cocktail
  • Le Diplomate
    • Meals under $25 available Brunch some cheaper options
    • Takeout  + Delivery (Caviar/DoorDash)

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