Commemorate Ten Years of Barred in DC at All Souls Bar on Saturday March 4th – 2-5p

Barred in DC, which launched on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at and Twitter, is marking a decade of operation at Barred in DC’s favorite DC bar All Souls Baron Saturday, March 4th, from 2-5p. Twitter polls were used to pick the day, the time, and general neighborhood location.

All Souls (which opened about 9 months after this site got its start) is not currently open before 5p, even on weekends, but owner David Batista said they’ll open early for this occasion. The event won’t be a private event as All Souls has never had a private party ever (so if someone has the benefit of not knowing what Barred in DC is and happens on the bar, they are welcome to come in).


Location: If you don’t know, google It.

How to Get There: Ditto.

Specials: NONE, but prices are still good ($7-8 craft draft beer, $12 fancy cocktails, $10 sparking wine)

Activities: Nothing but medium talk, though I may put out some name tags and markers for people to write their given names and/or Twitter handles on. Maybe will do some in person Twitter poll

Giveaways: We have a few Barred in DC t-shirts that I bought that I forgot who I was supposed to give to that will bring to give away You can also still buy some low quality merch here. If you wear some Barred merchandise or bring the koozie that I mailed out to folks during early pandemic, that would be cool.

Food: All Souls sells almonds, olives, and some chili snacks from Meats & Foods, but doesn’t have a kitchen. OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED. Pizza D’Oro is next door – might buy a pizza or two if I get enough hits between now and then.

Outdoor Space: If weather is nice, All Souls will open up their patio-which I’ve never been on. No standing, smoking, dogs, or music (based mostly on their agreement with neighbors).


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