Where to Drink Pitchers of Beer in DC

Pitcher of beer at All-Purpose in Navy Yard (Credit: All-Purpose Twitter acct)

Just a list of spots that sell pitchers of beer in DC (not all 100% confirmed, crowd-sourced). Find cheap beer here.

Most of these sell all their beer basically just 4x normal beer price (so a lot of $25-35 pitchers), but any notable/interesting deals mentioned (More beer available than listed). Most don’t sell Guinness by the pitcher.

  • All-Purpose Capitol Riverfront: $23 Old Time Lager, $25-30 other crafts
  • Hamilton’s Bar & Grill
  • The Tombs: $10 Busch Light pitchers M-F 3-5p, Sun/Tue 10p-close
  • Tight Five Pub: Mostly $29 pitchers (including Guinness). $17 Miller Lite pitcher. $5 off pitchers during M-Th HH 4-7p and 11a-10p Sat a& Sun
  • Kelly’s Irish Times: $15.50 Miller Lite pitchers. Others $20ish
  • American Ice Co.: $12 Narrag/ansett pitchers 5-7p & mid-2a Fridays
  • Hellbender
  • Stadium Sports: $22 Bud Light pitchers
  • Takoda: $29 Miller Lite pitchers, $33 craft-ish
  • Takoda Navy Yard: $29 Miller Lite pitchers, $33 craft-ish
  • The Admiral: ~48 oz pitchers of beer are $24
  • Wingo’s
  • The Exchange
  • Mission Dupont: ~48 oz pitchers of beer are $24
  • Mission Navy Yard: ~48 oz pitchers of beer are $24
  • Ugly Mug/Valor
  • Stoney’s
  • The Hamilton: supposedly can get a $25 Other Half pitcher
  • Board Room: Beer of month $20/pitcher. Lots of craft under $25
  • Midlands: $17 Miller Lite pitchers
  • Union Pub: $16 Union Pub Pilsner pitchers ($15 on Thursdays)
  • Tune Inn
  • Sonny’s: $26 pitchers of RAR Nanticoke Nectar/ Lager made by Aslin / Landmade Lillie. $20 during HH (open-7p M-Sat, all day Sun)
  • Froggy Bottom: $18 house Amber beer, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Yuengling Lager pitchers
  • Dirty Water
  • Sudhouse: Mostly $27-29
  • Across the Pond
  • Town Tavern
  • Lou’s City Bar: mostly 3x pint price. $15 Miller Lite, $18 Bud Light, Aslin-house beer. Lots of craft beer for $24 pitchers
  • Astro Beer Hall
  • Jakes Tavern
  • Bottom Line
  • Trusty’s
  • MacIntyres
  • Franklin Hall
  • Crown and Crow: $16 Guinness Blonde pitchers
  • Duke’s Grocery Foggy Bottom: mostly $32-36


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