Whitlow’s Replacing The Brixton

Whitlow’s – which just opened 100 feet up 9th Street NW in August 2022 after 26 years in Arlington – is making the much shorter relocation and taking over The Brixton space this May, Barred in DC has confirmed.

Jon Williams, whose family owns Whitlow’s, is renovating the three-level space. Renovations are underway now. Williams is friends with Ian Hilton, the Brixton’s owner through the H2 Collective group. Whitlow’s has a long history, originally at 11th and E NW from 1946-1989, before reopening in Clarendon in 1995.

The Brixton opened in summer 2012 and quickly sported long lines to enter in weekends (particularly its large and popular rooftop). During the pandemic, however, the Brixton has taken a hiatus multiple times, and its last one that started in January is permanent.


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