BlackFinn, website, Facebook, Twitter, 1620 I St. NW, 202-429-4350, opens at 11a everyday, HH 4-7p weekdays, est. 2009 [Yelp, WaPo, Tripadvisor] Unlike most non-lounge/club bars in downtown DC (which really doesn't exist as a neighborhood, but it's roughly between 11th and 21st streets between E and L Streets for the purposes of Barredindc), BlackFinn draws … Continue reading BlackFinn

Chi-Cha Lounge

Chi-Cha Lounge, web site, Facebook, Twitter, 1624 U St. NW, 202-234-8400, opens at 5p everyday, HH 5-7p M-F, est. 1997 [Yelp, WaPo] Small hookah bar/lounge with lots of couches, $8 beers, and a dress code.  If you like that sort of thing, you might like it. I don’t. Have been here twice as it was a … Continue reading Chi-Cha Lounge

The Board Room DC

The Board Room DC, website, Facebook, 1737 Connecticut Ave. NW (Conn. and R/S St. NW, near 20th & S), 202-518-7666, opens at 4p (weekdays) noon (weekends), HH 4-7p (weekdays) noon-7p (weekends), est. 2012 [Yelp, WaPo] The newest spot from the folks who brought you other game bars like Bedrock Billiards, Rocket Bar, Buffalo Billiards, and Atomic … Continue reading The Board Room DC

Non-Irish Bars – Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in DC

I've already outlined what's going on at DC Irish bars, if you want to avoid ridiculous crowds this Sunday, one alternative (to staying at home and watching a marathon of House Hunters, not that there is anything wrong with that) is to go to a non-Irish bar. This post highlights some of the better non-Irish … Continue reading Non-Irish Bars – Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in DC

Kangaroo Boxing Club

Kangaroo Boxing Club, website, Facebook, Twitter, 3410 11th St. NW (11th & Park), 202-405-4522, opens at 5p (weekdays) 10a (weekends), HH 5-6:30p (M-F), 11p-close (Sun-Thurs), est. 2012 [Yelp, WaPo] Cool, tiny bar/barbeque joint on 11th Street in Columbia Heights. Owned by a couple guys who also own the PORC barbeque food truck, this bar is just really just two small rooms with … Continue reading Kangaroo Boxing Club

My Brother’s Place

My Brother's Place, website, Facebook, Twitter, 237 2nd St. NW (2nd & C), 202-347-1350, opens at 11a (weekdays) noon (weekends), HH 4-8p (M-F) 10p-close (Th-Fri) 12-9p (Sat) $15 all you can drink 9p-1a (Sat), est. 1980 [Yelp, WaPo, Tripadvisor] This hilarious dive on a random dead-endish block near the Capitol off Constitution Ave.  (right behind the Department of Labor), MBP is legendary (“FAMOUS … Continue reading My Brother’s Place

DGS Delicatessen

DGS Delicatessen, website, Facebook, Twitter, 1317 Connecticut Ave. NW (between N and Dupont Circle, near 18th and N), 202-293-4400, open for lunch/brunch & dinner (5:30p) everyday, closes at 10p (Sun-Thurs) 11p (Fri-Sat), HH 5-7p everyday, est. 2012 [Yelp, WaPo] What is a bar? Webster’s defines a “bar” as…I’m not looking up bar in the dictionary. Generally people … Continue reading DGS Delicatessen

Maddy’s Bar and Grille

Maddy's Bar and Grille, website, Facebook, Twitter, 1726 Connecticut Ave. NW (near 20th & S), 202-483-2266, opens at 11a everyday, HH 4-7p (M-F) midnight-3a (Fri) 2p-2a (Sun), est. 2009 [Yelp, WaPo, Tripadvisor] Maddy’s replaced Timberlake’s, an institution in the northern reaches of Dupont Circle (on Conn. between R & S streets), in late 2009. A fairly standard neighborhood spot, Maddy’s can get … Continue reading Maddy’s Bar and Grille