Booze To Go and Delivery in DC – Highlighted Spots

Bluejacket delivered

Last Updated: June 10, 2020 (out of date)

On Tuesday, March 17th, a new law temporarily allowing bars and restaurants to sell beer, wine, and hard liquor (including cocktails) to go and for delivery (accompanied by sale of prepared food-i.e. not pre-packaged snacks) became effective, and over 500+ bars have sought permission to do so. It was already legal for breweries, distilleries, liquor stores, and brewpubs to do so (no food purchase required). Because there are so many, I’m not able to be comprehensive, but wanted to highlight some spots that have fancy cocktails you may find hard to make yourself, beer that’s not available in liquor store, and spots that are offering very cheap deals. Please review the DC Virtual Tip Jar , read this story on ways to support, buy a gift card (see list here)


Breweries/Cider Spots


 Name/Patio Pickup Delivery in DC Cans/Bottles Large Format
Right Proper

Outdoor patio available during hours of pickup.

Shaw: Noon-7p Sun-Th, Noon-9p F-Sat

Brookland: Noon-6p F-Sat

Online or walk-in

Free. $25 min

5 mile radius.

Noon-3p Tue-F (order by 10a)

Mostly $12 6 packs

Mostly $9 or $13 500 mL bottles


$10 750mL draft fill/glass; $17 select draft growler fill; +$5 or $15 glass


Outdoor Patio Ivy City only. Reservations online req’d

4p-8p F
Noon-8p Sat-Sun

3-5p (Ivy City / Navy Yard)

Online or walk-up Navy Yard window

$5 fee. $40 min. Most of DC.

5-8p (order by 5p)

Mostly $11- 6 packs $20 750 mL bottles. Mostly $13.20 or $17.50 32 oz. crowlers. Lots of kegs (~$200 or $100 sixtel)
Hellbender 3-7p Th, 3-8p F, Noon-6p Sat, Noon-5p Sun.

Walk-up only. Call ahead for big orders

N/A $12 6 packs Mostly $12 32 oz crowlers. Buy 3+, $1 off each

Order online anywhere. Only groups showing up together can eat/drink on outdoor patio

11a-9p daily.

Call 202-524-4862 or walk-up

$5 fee. $30 min. DC and VA select areas.

11a-9p daily.

$13-$20 4 packs (16 oz.) N/A
3 Stars

2-7p Sat-Sun. Reserve table online


2-7p daily.

Online or curb-side to-go

$5 fee. $24 min. All of DC. Deliveries start at 1p daily (order by noon) $13 6 packs, $15-19 4 packs (16 oz.) $22-27 750ml fancy bottles. $14.30 32 oz growlers (includes glass). $35/$70/$90 packages avail for pickup/delivery Tuesday
DC Brau Noon-3p Th-Sun.

Order online for curbside pickup

$5 fee. $30 min.

All of DC

12:30p-4p Wed-Sun (order by noon).

$11 6 packs, $22 12 packs, $44 case. Some $11 4 pack (16 oz) Select $8-9 32 oz crowlers
Red Bear*

Same hours at patio.

4-8p M-Th, 2-8p Fri-Sun.

Online or walk-in

$5 fee. $30 min. 5 mile radius $14 6 packs, $15-18 4 packs (16 oz crowlers). Singles available $12-13 32 oz BYO growler fill; $16.50-$20 64 oz fill. +$9 for growler glass
Valor Brew Pub*


Walk-up (MUST BUY FOOD) n/a n/a $20 64 oz BYO growler fill
Supreme Core Cider 2-6p F-Sun.
Online or walk-up
$5 fee. No min (?). All of DC

4-7p daily (order by 3p)

$13 4 pack (12 oz) $13 32 oz  BYO growler, $20 64 oz BYO growler. +$4 32 oz or $5 64 oz glass
Anxo 5-7p M, W, F-Sat (10% off w/ PICKUP code).


$35 min. All of DC. Noon-4p; 6-9p. $13-16 4 pack (12 oz). $15 32 oz crowler, $140 or $190 sixtel kegs
Capitol Cider House 4-8p M-F, Noon-8p Sat-Sun


Free. $30 min. 4-8p M-F, Noon-8p Sat-Sun (must include 1 food item) n/a $18-36 750 mL crowler. Pommeau and cocktail crowlers available.

Closed: Bardo, The Public Option, District Chophouse


  • Republic Restoratives
    • Pick-up: Online order (9-5p M-F?)
    • Delivery: 11a-9p daily. Order by 2p for same-day delivery
    • $10 delivery fee. Comes with free bottle of house-made hand sanitizer. Appears to be no minimum
    • Vodka ($20/200mL, $29/750mL, $35/1L), Bourbon ($16/200mL, $49/750mL), Rye whiskey ($79/750mL), Apple Brandy ($49), American trilogy bottled rye whiskey/apple brandy cocktail ($39)
  • One Eight
    • Pick-Up: Order online. 3-7p M-F, 1-5p Sat-Sun
    • 15% off entire shop (prices included below)
    • Vodka ($23.50/750mL), Gin ($28/750mL), Rye whiskey ($47/750mL), District-made bourbon ($42.50/750mL). A few other specialty products
  • Cotton & Reed
    • Pick-Up: Buy at window Noon-7p W-Sun
    • Multiple varieties of rum roughly $30-35/750mL. $45 Daiq-pack includes 750mL Daiquiri mix and 750mL White Rum. Sanitizer also be given out with some/all purchases. Other cocktail mixes available.
  • Farmer’s and Distillers
    • Pick-Up: Order online (food purchase required). Curbside pickup 11a-8p daily.
    • Vodka ($25/1L), Dry Gin ($25/1L), Amaro ($30/750mL)
    • Patio open
  • Don Ciccio & Figli
    • Pick-Up: Online order for pickup 10a-4p M-F, 2-6p Sat
    • bitter liquers (e.g., amaro). Roughly $30-40/bottle. Sanitzer for sale.

Closed: New Columbia (available at stores/bars), Thrasher’s Rum/Potomac Distilling

Bars/Restaurants (Not frequently updated)

Select details below. Some information borrowed from stories in Washingtonian (see also) , Eater, and DCist. Food is required to be ordered. Places with creative offerings/good deals are highlighted. Listing all 68 bars in Barred in DC Bar Madness that are open.

H Street/NoMa

(Note I already did guide linked above so more spots listed here than others)

  • Hill Prince
    • DM IG to order for pickup
    • Must order $1 quart of popcorn
    • Pint of classic cocktails – $25. Quart – $45. High Life – $3. $15 bottles of wine. $30 bloody mary kit
  • Biergarten Haus
    • call 202-388-4053, W-Th 5-9p, F 5-10p, Sat 2-10p for pickup
    • $10 32 oz mason jar German beer, $6 tallboys, $10 32 oz. beer cocktails
  • Sospeso
    • Call 202-827-3123 for pickup. Delivery services.
    • Wine bottles and cans of beer 50% off
  • Stable
    • Call 202-733-4604 or email for pickup or limited delivery. Th-Fri 4-8p, Sat 10a-2p. 25% off alcohol (including Swiss beer). $5 bloody mary pouches.
  • Toki Underground
    • Order on website for delivery/pickup
    • $2.50 Sapporo ($12 6 pack). $12 double Toki Monster cocktail bottled.
  • The Queen Vic
    • Call 202-396-2001. 5-8p.
    • $15 32 oz growlers, $28 64 oz growlers (includes glass).
  • Cusbah
    • Order on website or call.
    • $8-10 craft cocktails, $3-7 beer/cide, $13-30 bottles of wine.
  • Copycat Co.
    • Order on website for pickup or delivery 4-10p (closed Sun)
    • Fancy $14 cocktails
  • The Pursuit Wine Bar
    • order on website or call 4-9p for pickup
    • Lots of affordable wine bottles
  • The Haymaker
    • order on website or call for pickup or limited delivery from 2-9p Tue-Sat
    • $9 fancy cocktails, $8 punch ($23 quart)
  • Duffy’s
    • call for pickup or delivery on Postmates 4-10p M-Tue, 11:30a-10p Wed-Sun
    • $15-17 6 packs. $16 1/2 gallon of green beer.
  • Chupacabra
    • Pickup in-person or Grubhub 5-9p. Ubereats, postmates for delivery.
    • Margaritas (premium, $14 16 oz, $25 32 oz), $4 beer
  • Po Boy Jim
    • 2 for $10 hurricanes; order on website for pickup
  • Farewell
    • Pickup 10a-8p
    • Batched cocktails include $18 for 2, $45-50 20 oz. $25-35 64 oz growlers. $35 Liter wine. $13 boozy shakes.
  • Le Grenier
    • Call for pickup – free bottle of wine with purchase of 2 main courses.
  • The Big Board
    • Call for pickup Noon-9:15p
    • $3 beer/$15 6 pack, $12 wine kit, $12 mimosa kit. $9 32 oz growler ($2 off with own growler). $14 64 oz fill (BYO growler).
  • *Little Miss Whiskey’s:
    • Pickup 4-6p Tu-Th, 4-7 F-Sat, Delivery (w/in 2 miles, $1/beer and $5 delivery fee) 6-8 Tue-Th, 7-9p Fri-Sat.
    • Email with 1 hour notice.
    • Each order includes one item from Beth’s Baked Goods (cookies, muffins, etc.). $20+ orders come in Easter pail, $25+ include on LMW t-shirt. $15 Liter pouch of peach sweet tea vodka drink (put in freezer for slushie), Huge list of beers by can (cheap as $2, mostly $3-4.50), lots of bottles of liquor
  • Sticky Rice
    • Pickup and delivery call or chownow
    • $10 fancy cocktails, $10-30 sake, $5-6 beer ($8 22 oz Sapporo), $15-25 bottles of wine
  • Stellina Pizza
    • order online for pickup 4-9p Tue-Sun
    • $55 spritz kit (bottle of prosecco, 200mL Ambrosia Aperitvo, 1 orange, 1 sparkling water). $25 wine. $35 750ml white negroni.

14th St/Logan Circle/U Street

  • Garden District
    • Order on website for pickup 11-2p & 5p-9p. Doordash delivery.
    • 64 oz growler for $16.36. $20 Tallboy IPA 4 pack. $4 Modelo/Truly. $20ish wine bottles.
  • The Fainting Goat
    • Call for pickup Noon-9p Tue-Sun
    • $8 Adult Juice boxes ($4 pack for $28) of a few simple cocktails or wine.
    • $24 growler ($20 if you bring growler back). Discounted 6-packs
  • Service Bar
    • Call or order online for delivery or pickup. M-F 5-10p, Sat-Sun 2p-10p. Cheapest food is $4 pickled veggies, seasoned hard pretzels
    • Lots of large format cocktails mostly $45-50 for 32 oz. (quart). Beer/wine not that well priced.
  • Echo Park/Andy’s Pizza
    • Call or order online pickup or delivery. Noon-9p
    • $20 bottles of wine. $2-5 cans/bottles of beer.
  • El Rey
    • call for pickup or delivery Noon on weekends. 3p on weekdays.
    • Liters of cocktails- $35 margarita, $33 sangria (include refillable bottle for $5). Beer
  • American Ice Co. 
    • Crabs and beers. Order via email or call 202-285-3467 M-F Noon-5p. Order by Thu 5p to have crabs delivered Sat-Sun Noon-5p. Delivery zone within 3 miles.
    • crabs, potato salad,Tecate/Tiger Beer, pickleback shots. Packages $70-100. 20% service fee distributed to staff.
  • Franklin Hall
    • Pickup (order online -100% of tips goto out-of-work employees) or UberEats delivery
    • Every purchase of $35 (corn chips/1L Makers Mark bottle0 gets $10 gift certificate for dine in). $4-8 16 oz beers. $20 bottles of wine
  • Slipstream
    • Pickup order online. M-F 7a-2p, Sat/Sun 8a-3p. Tue/Fri/Sat 4-7p.
    • $12-15 cocktails (including coffee cocktails) in a jar for two. $4-5 beer, $20 wine. 
  • Archipelago
    • Pickup order Wed-Sat 4-9p by texting 202-627-0794, some Ubereats delivery
    • Lots of tiki cockails (check IG) for $10 single or $45 quart. $3 single beer/ $15 sizers. $30 bottle. $20 pina colada/tropical blend mixers. $20 frozen pineapple, jar of rum & secrets; need a blender


  • Ivy & Coney
    • Order online for pickup after 3p. TImes vary
    • $2-3 beer/seltzer; $10-15 6 pack. $300 keg of beer. $4 cans of wine/$14 packs.
    • $24-33 bottles of liquor (includes $30 bottle of Malort). $3 shots in plastic ramekins
  • Columbia Room
    • Order for pick-up and limited delivery ($3) online (order in advance for preselected time. Wed-Sat 4-9p)
    • Foo $12 fancy cocktails. $24 serve 2. $2 Gansett tallboy. $5 zero-proof cocktails. $45-73 cocktail kitts including liquor and mixers. Select discounted liquor bottles.
  • El Techo
    • open Thu-Sat evenings. Call for pickup or delivery
    • $7 cocktails ($40 for 24 oz). $65 package includes 6 tacos, 24 oz fancy margs (mezcal, passion fruit) or caipirinha, incense, candle, and roll of TP. $20 package is 3 tacos, 4 oz cocktails, incense, candle, TP
  • Maxwell Park
    • Email Pickup 3-7p THursdays at Shaw. Deliveries on Thursday
    • 30% off all bottles.
  • Calico
    • Call for pickup. Wed-Sun 2-9p
    • $8 Adult Juice Boxes. Can just order $2 browne/cookie or some tos
    • Virtual HH 2-5p: $6 Calico Combo (MLH, Old Overholt, Brownie/Cookie)-normally $8, 6 pack of juice boxes for $40, 1/2 off wine, $2 off 6 packs of beer
  • Tiger Fork
    • Pickup/delivery call. Noon-8:30p Tues-Sun
    • special TIger Fork cocktails in Juice box ($10-12 or 4 pack for $40
    • 50% off wine bottles, discounted sake and canned beers.
  • Chaplin’s
    • Call for pickup
    • 50% off wine bottle. $25 pint of bourbon/rye cocktails. $25 quart of other cocktails. $16 pint or $25 quart frozen cocktails
  • Espita
    • Order online for pickup. 3-8:30p M-F, Noon-8:30p Sat-Sun. Can order some salsa. $10 25 pack of fancy corn tortiallas
    • $2-3 Beer. $18-27 wine bottles. $14 mimosa kit. $10-12 cocktails that serve 2-3 people. $40 32 oz margarita/mayahuel (serves over 4 ppl)
  • Morris
    • Call for pickup and free delivery
    • $24 cocktails for 2. Fancy stuff. Basic cocktails (4 for $40 and 8 for $72)
  • All Purpose
    • Pickup online 11a-9p
    • Lots of discount bottles of wine. $4-6 beer. $25 64 oz growler, $14-15 32 oz growler. $5 discount for refill. Lots of local beer. Wine growler. $45 Aperol Spritz kit-1 L Aperol/1 Bottle of Prosecco. Mimosas options ($14/$24/$38/48 for 1/2/3/4 bottles of Prosecco and OJ)
  • Boundary Stone
    • Order delivery/pickup online or call 11a-9p
    • bottles of booze (lots of whisky), $3 craft cans. $15 bottle of wine. Draft beer: $5 pint, $10 32 oz, $20 64 oz growler ($5 for glass)
  • Dacha
    • Cafe open 8a-8p for delivery via Postmates or call for pickup. Beer, wine available.
  • Showtime
    • Email or DM social media for pickup
    • $50 Care package: 12 pack of Natty Boh, 1 bottle of Club 400, Granny & The Boys record, Showtime matchbook, PB&J sandwich, Utz chips
  • The Pub and the People
    • General store including liquor (cheaper than liquor stores), CSA bundles, some household goods. Pickup
    • BYO growler or $6 64 oz growler. Fills $15-20 mostly. Maine Dinner/Maine Lunch available. Bottles/cans 50% off. Cocktail kits

Dupont Circle

  • McClellan’s Retreat
    • Pick-up on select days. Email ahead by 4p. Pickup 5-8p Tue-Sat. $2 popcorn with seasoning.
    • $12-18 fancy cocktails in small bottle. $18-25 wine bottles. $13 6 packs. $8-12 cocktail syrups. 𝙃𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙮 𝙃𝙤𝙪𝙧 specials: $8 Bourbon or Rye Old Fashioneds if you email your order between 1pm & 2pm Tues-Sat; happy hour cocktails pickup by 7pm. $40 Tiki Tuesday kit.
  • Pizzeria Paradiso
    • 1-9p. Call or order online for pickup. 30% off carryout beer cans/bottles, 50% off wine.
  • Across the Pond
    • Carryout on Fridays 4-8p, Sat 1-8p, and Sun Noon 6p (specials) via website or call. and UberEats, GrubHub, and Doordash via delivery. $10-13 6 packs of beer via carryout or $2-3/each. $16.50 bottle/wine.
  • The Board Room
    • Pickup order 1-7p Fri for booze, board games, etc. Email for delivery.

Navy Yard

  • Neighborhood Provisions (Bluejacket)
    • NRG operated prepared/grocery/beer store for pickup and delivery. Order online.
    • IN addition to BJ beer, mostly $12-14 4-6 packs of craft beer, $14-22 bottles of wine. Discounted whiskeys. vodka, tequila, mezcal, rum $6 5 oz bottles of cocktail mixers.
  • All Purpose
    • Pickup online 11a-9p
    • Lots of discount bottles of wine. $4-6 beer. $25 64 oz growler, $14-1532 oz growler. $5 discount for refill. Lots of local beer. Wine growler. $45 Aperol Spritz kit-1 L Aperol/1 Bottle of Prosecco. Mimosas options ($14/$24/$38/48 for 1/2/3/4 bottles of Prosecco and OJ)
  • Bonchon
    • Pickup
    • $13 – 20 oz draft beer + small order of chicken
  • Walter’s
    • CSA bundles. Pickup order via Grubhub or walkin. 4-10:30p.
    • 6 packs of beer ($8-16), wine. Purchase growlers for pour your own drink wall.
  • Slipstream
    • Pickup order online. M-F 7a-2p, Sat/Sun 8a-3p. Tue/Fri/Sat 4-7p.
    • $12-15 cocktails (including coffee cocktails) in a jar for two. $4-5 beer, $20 wine.

Capitol Hill

  • Emilie’s
    • Call or online for pickup. 10:30a-8p
    • 40% off all wines, including $25 bottles. Batched cocktails ($24 for 4 servings, $48 for 8 servings)
  • The Eastern
    • order online for pickup sameday 3-8p
    • Olives and mixed nuts included in order.
    • Lots of affordable wine bottles.
  • Barrel
    • email or walk0up. 2-7p
    • $13 cocktails, $14 barrel-aged to-go cocktails
  • Beuchert’s Saloon
    • Pickup and delivery available Tues-Sat Noon-8p. Call 202-733-1384. owner/chef doing limited delivery on his own.
    • Fancy cocktails ($15-25 pints, $32-45 quarts). $14 32 oz craft beer. Lots of discounted wine
  • Union Pub
    • Booze for to-go or pickup only by calling. 4-10p Tue-Sat.
    • Ina’s Cosmo in mason jars to-go ($20 rail, $28 Tito’s), Daily specials (like $8 Thursday wine bottles). 16 oz draft $2.50-3.50. Possibly other mason jar cocktails
  • Tune Inn
    • Order to-go or pickup (can call) 10a-10p
    • Singles, 6 packs, and cases of beer. Wine, liquor also available.
  • Trusty’s
    • Order online or call (or in person) for pickup and limited local delivery, Tuesdays and Fridays so far. 5:30-8:30p, order starts at 4p
    • Singles of craft beer mostly $3.75-4, cheap $2-4, wines and seltzers available
  • Tunnicliff’s Tavern
    • Open for carryout (call for pickup) Noon-11p, delivery ubereats
    • Beer, wine, cocktails. Get half price bottle of wine with 2 entree purchase carryout

Adams Morgan

  • The Blaguard
    • To-Go window with delivery available. 3-9p. Closed Monday.
    • $4 16 oz , $8 32 oz drafts. Get a double for any cocktail order. $5 bombs on certain days with 2.
  • Jack Rose
    • Selling a ton of their whiskey by oz or bottle. Check their social media for rapidly changing issues
  • Pop’s SeaBar
    • Take-out walk-up window Noon-2p and 5-8p
    • Quaratini crushes, beer, wine
  • The Game Sports Bar / Tiki on 18th
    • Wed/Sat 4-8p, Sun 11a-3p. pick-up order via online.
    • $13-15 tiki take away pouch

Downtown/Penn Quarter/Chinatown/Mt Vernon Square

  • Joe’s Crab
    • Carryout, delivery, curbside pickup 11:30-9p order online (Ubereats delivery) or call.
    • $2 bottled/can beers. 1/2 price wine bottles. $7 cocktails.
  • Present Company
    • $15 growlers ($6 for glass), including $28 Maine Lunch. Bottles & cans or beer 50% off
  • Old Ebbitt Grill
    • Pickup/Delivery via Caviar roughly 11:30a-9p
    • $2-4 12-16 oz. beers, discounted wine bottles, bottles of liquor

Columbia Heights/Petworth/Park View/Brightwood Park

  • Jackie Lee’s
    • pick-up and limited delivery ($3 fries/hush puppies works). call to order. Wed-Sun 5-9p
    • $8 stir-n-sip cocktails. $32 quarantine punch (party punch and bag of ice). $6-10 combos. $50 combo includes 1L Old Overholt rye/12 PBRs or another one with 1L El Jimador Tequila/12 Tecates/limes
  • Lyman’s Tavern
    • call or walkup. 3-8p daily
    • $12 16 oz slushies. Beer/to-go shots.
  • Midlands Beer Garden
    • Order online on website for pickup 3-9p Fri-Sun
    • Growler glass included. 64 oz beers  mostly $20-25, $13 for PBR. $40 32 oz lemon drop, $60 32 oz Manhattan
  • Slash Run
    • Call for food, beer, wine and cocktails. Pickup or limited delivery by owner ($50 min) 2-8p
    • Beer, wine, cocktails
  • Homestead
    • Call or order via Chownow for pickup or delivery.
    • $4 16 oz or $8 32 oz beer. Cocktails.


  • Chez Billy Sud
    • Call for pickup/delivery Noon-8p
    • $3-5 bottles of beer/cider. $14-25 6 pack


  • Brookland Pint
    • Pickup for booze 5-10p daily. Craft beer BYO craft growler fills (including 64 oz of th day and 1/2 off bottles of wine



7 responses to “Booze To Go and Delivery in DC – Highlighted Spots”

  1. Dupont Circle has a ton of other places! Across the Pond, Northside Tavern, and Thai Chef (has a great bar, offering bottled beer/wine/create your own 6 pack for takeout & delivery!) You can check out open Dupont bars/restaurants here:

    1. The Boardroom too!

  2. […] Due to the COVID-19 emergency, most-if not all-bars and restaurants in the U.S. are currently closed for dine/drink-in service and have either temporary closed or pivoted to pick-up or delivery. Though it’s certainly crucial for the majority of you in non-essential work to STAY HOME, if you get tired (or can’t) of making your own meals/drinks, and want to support local small businesses that you’ve patronized in the past and want to do so again in the future, you will order delivery or pick-up (if you live near H Street in DC, here’s comprehensive guide; if you live elsewhere in the District, here’s a less comprehensive guide) […]

  3. […] trivia is a big deal. So when all bars had to shut down except to take-out or delivery, bars who host trivia adapted well. Here is a list and details (subject to change) of regular DC […]

  4. […] this COVID-19 crisis, I’ve posted a solid amount of content to help you out (offerings of all DC breweries/distilleries and a lot of bars, every spot on H Street, how to get most money in the pocket of your favorite restaurant/bar, and […]

  5. […] When buying beer that is made by any breweries/distilleries that are open […]

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