Where to Get In-House Restaurant Delivery in DC

Bluejacket delivers.

A lot of ink/pixels have been spilled on the drawbacks of third-party delivery apps (Caviar/DoorDash, Grubhub, UberEats, and Postmates specifically), including

  • high commissions (temporarily capped at 15% in DC during pandemic)
  • predatory behavior (like setting up phone numbers/websites deceiving customers that they’re ordering directly from restaurant, or including restaurants w/o consent)
  • customer service issues (misplaced anger/blame towards restaurants)

Still, many restaurants consider them a necessary evil and believe there’s a positive to be on the apps to allow people who don’t live nearby to easily find and order delivery. That being said, I’ve received many questions about spots in DC who do their own in-house delivery as people want to support those establishments who’ve made the difficult decision to do so.

So here’s a (incomplete) list of those who appear to be doing in-house delivery

To more easily support in-house delivery, download Chownow, Toast (though not all who use Toast are on the app), DC To Go-Go, and Beyond Menu apps.

Note that most of these will deliver outside their neighborhoods but their range is usually 1-3 miles max (if its 2 miles or shorter I’ve noted it if information is available). In most situations, spots (particularly those that use BeyondMenu or are low-key pizza spots) will accept phone orders and may prefer it. For several of those on the list (particularly those who use Chownow or BeyondMenu), I made an educated guess that the spots are doing in-house delivery. If you know that is not the case, or want to add more, please respond in comments, email barredindc@gmail.com, or @ or DM @barredindc on Twitter.

Last Updated: Sept 4, 2020


Right Proper, Atlas, Hellbender, Bluejacket, 3 Stars, DC Brau, Red Bear, AnxoCapitol Cider House, Republic Restoratives; Don Ciccio & Figli (no food purchase for delivery required for all except Capitol Cider House).

Multiple Locations

  • Manny & Olga’s Pizza (Petworth/Park View, Georgetown, 14th/U, H Street, Tenleytown,  Woodridge) Online / BeyondMenu / DCToGoGo. $3.50 fee. $10-15 min
  • Pizza Boli’s (Adams Morgan, Hillcrest, Congress Heights, Brookland, Barracks Row, : Online/BeyondMenu. $10 min. $2 fee.
  • Angelico La Pizzeria: (Tenleytown, Shepherd Park, Glover Park, Mt. Pleasant): $10-11 min. $3 fee
  • &pizza (all over): Online/App. $3 fee.
  • New York Pizza (Cap Hill, Eckington): Online/BeyondMenu. $15 min. $3 fee.
  • Bethesda Bagels (Navy Yard, Dupont): Online. Next day, order by 8p previous day. $25 min, $5 delivery fee
  • Firehook Bakery: (Dupont, Cap Hill, Judiciary Square, Farragut Square) $35 min. morning or early afternoon delivery windows. Free Delivery.
  • Neighborhood Provisions (Neighborhood Restaurant Group spots like Churchkey, Red Apron): $35 min. $7 fee.

H Street/NoMa

  • Fresca: Online. Free.
  • The Haymaker: Online/Chownow or call 202 399 0020, $20 min 1 mile radius. Free delivery
  • Copycat: Online, $28 min, $5 delivery fee
  • Cusbah: Online/Chownow. $15 min. $2 delivery fee
  • Masseria a Casa: Tock. $85 (tax/delivery inclusive) 3 course meal. Delivery window 4-7p daily within Beltway. Reheat.
  • Imm Thai on H: Online/Toast. $15 min. $3 delivery fee. 15% off using IMMLOVER as code
  • Sicilian Pizza: Online/Beyond Menu/Slice: $12 min. $3 fee.

Capitol Hill/Eastern Market/Barracks Row/Navy Yard/Southwest Waterfront

  • Trattoria Alberto: Call 202-544-2007. Delivery to Capitol Hill and Navy Yard neighbors
  • Nooshi: Online/Chownow. $20 min. Free delivery.
  • Trusty’s: Not advertised but may do bike delivery if you call to Hill East neighbors.
  • La Plaza: Online/BeyondMenu. $4 fee w/in 1 mile, $5 w/in 2 miles, $10 w/in 3 miles. $20 min
  • We the Pizza: Online. $9.99 min. $2 fee
  • Aatish on the Hill: Online/BeyondMenu. $4 fee. $15 min
  • Sushi Hachi: Online/Chownow. $7.55 min. $5 fee
  • Shilling Canning Company: Online/Toast. Free delivery to most if not all of 20003 zip code (Navy Yard and southern part of the Hill)
  • Station 4: Online/Toast. $50 min. Free delivery.
  • Young Chow: Online/Beyond Menu. $13 min. $0.50 fee.
  • Mandarin Carryout: Online/Beyond Menu. $12 min. $2 fee. 1.5 miles.
  • Szechuan House: Online/Beyond Menu. $15 min. $1.10 fee.
  • Sanphan Thai: Online/Beyond Menu. $25 min. Free within 1.2 miles
  • Pizza Iole: Online/Beyond Menu/Slice. $15 min. $2.50 fee.

PQ/Chinatown/Downtown/Mt Vernon Square


  • Bua Thai: Online/Chownow: $18 min. Free delivery. 1 mile radius
  • Agora: Call 202-332-6767. Possibly via DoorDash
  • Ankara: 202-293-6301 202-286-9808 (text/WhatsApp) or manager@ankaradc.net. $90 min, within 5 miles. 1 hour advance. Reheat
  • Astoria: Online. Min delivery $28, $5 fee.
  • Nooshi: Online/Chownow. $20 min. Free delivery.
  • Thaiphoon: Online/Chownow, $16 min, Free Delivery.
  • Banana Leaves: Online/Toast. $20 min. $1 fee.
  • Luna Grill & Diner: Online/Beyond Menu. $20 min. $2 fee.
  • Recessions: Online/Beyond Menu. $30 min. Free delivery within 3 miles.
  • Asia 54: Online/Beyond Menu. $15 min, $2 delivery fee.
  • India Gate: : Online/Beyond Menu/Delivery.com $22 min. Free Delivery w/in 1 mile
  • Bangkok Thai: Online/Beyond Menu. $25 min. $2 fee.
  • New Dynasty: Online/Beyond Menu. $15 min. Free w/in 1 miles.
  • Flippin’ Pizza: Online/Beyond Menu. $20 min. Free w/in 2 miles.
  • City Lights of China: Call 202-265-6688. $15 min. Free to Dupont Circle area

Logan Circle/U Street/Shaw/Bloomingdale

Adams Morgan/Mt Pleasant/Columbia Heights

Park View/Petworth/Brightwood Park

Woodley Park/Tenleytown/Van Ness/Upper NW

Foggy Bottom/West End/Georgetown/Glover Park/Palisades

Eckington/Ivy City/Brentwood/Brookland/Fort Totten/Other NE

Anacostia/Other SE

DC To-GoGo

Owners of Ivy and Coney introduced local delivery platform. Read more here. More spots added every week.

Quasi In-House Delivery

A few alternatives should be mentioned. Several restaurants in DC use services like Chownow, Toast, or Tock to accept pickup orders. Many of those spots also offer delivery; most of the time (this may show up in web version of Toast not app) these are not delivered in-house but in partnership with DoorDash. However, DoorDash does not charge a % commission on orders through these services (often don’t even show up on DoorDash app), instead, they charge the business a flat fee (around $7 plus sometimes extra for mileage). The business can in turn charge the customer whatever amount they want to recoup part or all of the fee, and/or set a minimum order so it makes economic sense for a flat fee order. This is a better deal for the businesses than using a third party delivery service so try use these if you can.


  • Sol
  • Fare Well
  • Lavagna
  • Sette Osteria
  • Supra
  • Toku
  • Taylor Gourmet
  • Poki DC
  • Sushi Aoi
  • Retro Bottega
  • RPM Italian
  • Al Volo
  • Circa
  • Mai Thai
  • Lucky Buns Union Marlet
  • Somtam
  • Georgetown Gourmet
  • Po Boy Jim
  • Al Volo
  • Choong Man
  • Sticky Rice
  • Pow Pow
  • Pie Shop
  • El Bebe
  • Little Red Fox


  • Chef Geoff’s
  • Astro Doughnuts
  • Tryst
  • Busboys and Poets
  • Colada Shop
  • Sospeso
  • Rasa
  • DC Pizza
  • The Diner
  • Chaia Tacos
  • Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls
  • TaKorean
  • Café Fili
  • Eat Brgz
  • The Red Hen
  • Boundary Stone
  • All Purpose
  • Fig & Olive
  • RedRocks Columbia Heights
  • Thunder Burger
  • Tico
  • Alta Strada/Nama
  • Mi Vida
  • The Grill
  • Hook Hall
  • Makan


For Tock, the DoorDash fee is charged to the guest.

  • Rooster and Owl
  • Maydan
  • Compass Rose
  • Bistro Bis
  • Seven Reasons
  • Slate
  • Columbia Room

Skip The Line

​The service SkipTheLine, used by many higher-end DC restaurants, has a different setup. In this service, a customer reaches out to SkipTheLine to schedule a pickup with a restaurant. The customer then orders directly with the restaurant, indicating SkipTheLine will pick up the food at the scheduled time. SkipTheLine charges the customer directly with no fee/commission paid by the restaurant. They’ve partnered with the below spots but you can use to order from any restaurant. Fee is $12 w/in 2 miles, $15 2-6, $18 6-11, $22 11-16.

  • Little Serow
  • Happy Gyro
  • Albi
  • The Dabney
  • Bresca
  • Chaia Tacos
  • Little Pearl
  • Convivial
  • Bar Charley
  • Flight Wine Bar
  • Reverie
  • Thip Khao
  • Gravitas
  • Rose’s Luxury
  • Rooster & Owl
  • Taqueria Xochi
  • Izakaya Seki
  • Thamee
  • ​Sushi Taro

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