The Cheapest Prepared Food Items For To-Go or Delivery Booze in DC

Colada Shop sells cocktail/empanada combos

Last Updated: May 17, 2020

During the current crisis, registered bars and restaurants in DC are allowed to sell alcohol to-go or delivery (see rules in other states here) from 7a-midnight daily. This is the expansion on normal rules where only breweries and distilleries (and some grocers) can do this.

However, unlike when ordering from breweries/distilleries, an order w/ booze must be “accompanied by one or more  prepared food items.” ABRA in a helpful FAQ defines this is as “food that has been assembled such as a sandwich, salad, smoothie, etc.” but “pre-packaged items such as chips” don’t count. Note that contrary to some reporting, the prepared food item doesn’t actually have to cost anything, it just has to be part of the order, so no issue with bars just throwing it in for free (though restaurant licensees will want to separately invoice it so they can make sure it counts towards food sales).

Many people believe this requirement is dumb, but it’s not that hard to fulfill. However, sometimes, you might not be hungry but want to support your local bar/restaurant. Here are the cheapest “prepared food” items that bars/restaurants are providing/selling for to-go/pre-packaged delivery (both pickup/delivery available unless otherwise stated). Will update as needed, send me suggestions via DM Twitter @barredindc or

No prepared food necessary:

Most breweries/distilleries that are open

Right Proper Brookland, Atlas, Hellbender, Bluejacket, 3 Stars, Red Bear, DC Brau, Supreme Core Cider, Anxo, Republic Restoratives, One Eight, Cotton & Reed, Don Ciccio

Food purchase required with Valor, Farmer & Distillers and apparently with delivery with Capitol Cider House

Included With Order

  • Little Miss Whiskey’s 
    • baked goods (e.g. cookies)
    • tons of cans of beer (mostly $3-4, frozen cocktail slushie (The Awesomeness) ($15)
  • The Eastern(Cap Hill/Eastern Market):
    • servings of olives/mixed nuts automatically included ($2)
    • lots of nice wine bottles
    • pickup only
  • Colada Shop
    • price of drinks include 1 empanada
    • $13 cocktail pouch, beer
  • Kingfisher
    • price includes 1 mayo sandwich (can order more to be donated to DC Central Kitchen and SO Others May Eat
    • Beer and combo kits)
    • Open only Tues and Fri.

50 Cents


  • The Dirty Goose
    • 50 cent chocolate chip cookie
    • Lots of cocktails (including large format and frozen), and other stuff
    • Pickup daily


  • The Midlands Beer Garden
    • $1 two bite, handmade chocolate truffle; $3 savory cheesy waffle; $3 beer braised brat
    • Lots of craft beer growlers ($23 mostly for 64 oz.); $10 double cocktails, $12 couches, $40 32 oz marg/lemon drop in jug, $60 barrel aged manhattan
    • pickup Th-Sun only
  • Maxwell Park Shaw/Navy Yard
    • $1 2.5 oz hummus from Albi
    • Lots of fancy wine bottles
    • once a week Thursday pickups and $100/min deliveries
  • Hill Prince
    • $1 quart of popcorn
    • $25 pint/cocktail, $45 quart cocktail, $15 bottle of wine.
    • DM IG for pickup only.
  • The Board Room DC
    • $1 baked goods (lots of cookies and other treats)
    • large format cocktails, beer, and other booze.
    • Front window open for pickup usually weekday afternoons. Delivery available. Email for more details
  • Dio Wine Bar
    • $1 spiced nuts or marinated olives from Odd Provisions
    • lots of natural wine bottles
    • closed Mon
  • Number Nine
    • $1 popcorn
    • $14 wine bottle, $3 beer/ $12 6 packs, $32 4-person cocktail batches, $9 standard cocktails
    • closed M-W
    • $1 deconstructed grilled cheese
    • $5 beer/seltzer / $12 6 packs, $32 4-person cocktail batches, $9 standard cocktails
    • closed M-W
  • The Blaguard
    • $1 cheese sandwich (pickup only from carryout stand)
    • lots of 16 oz beer ($4) or 32 oz ($8)
    • closed Mon


  • McClelland’s Retreat 
    • $2 popcorn (6 different toppings), $3 hot dog of the week
    • Fancy cocktails, some wine bottles, 4/6 pack of beer.
    • Pickup only Tue-Sat
  • Cusbah
    • $2 rice; $3 naan/roti
    • mostly $10 cocktails or $45 serves 5-6. Some cheap canned craft beer options
  • Ivy and Coney
    • $2 ballpark hot dogs
    • $2 cans of ok beer, $3 of craft beer,$3 shots, $24 bottle of Malort/other liquor, $4 wine cans
    • Pickup only, closed M-Tues


  • Tico
    • $3 taco (supposedly $0.25 chips, but can’t find)
    • Marg ($7 single/$30 pitcher); Sangrai ($5 single/$20 pitcher
  • Right Proper Shaw
    • if you want to buy cocktails, food purchase required
    • $3 great potato chips


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