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Granville Moore’s To Close

Granville Moore’s was one of the last spots Mrs. Barred and I went to before the pandemic. This is from March 4, 2020.


Granville Moore’s, the great Belgian food/beer H Street spot, will permanently close, co-owner Ryan Gordon confirmed to me today. He stated via Twitter:

We think we will have to shut down … for good by the end of this month…We will keep Granville Moore’s Pasta Place open for as long as we can afford it, but we imagine that will only be for the next few weeks.

The spot originally closed to dine-in with the pandemic-related closures in mid-March. Because its signature moules and frites do not travel well, it reopened in a new format for  take out May 26th as Granville Moore’s Pasta Place. Business was soft when Phases 1 and 2 in DC begun, and by mid-July it had closed again until reopening in early September.  But the sales from takeout/delivery (as well as the “ghost kitchen” Freshly Tossed DC also available on the apps) have not been sufficient to cover basic expenses and it’s costing more money just to be open as the pandemic has hit them very hard. The owners also own the nearby The Queen Vic, which recently opened a patio a few doors down on the Nomad Hookah patio, and will focus on keeping it viable during these impossible times for the hospitality industry in DC.

A source had alerted to me originally on Friday that a real estate agent had posted a listing noting the 1865-square foot, 79 max occupancy space was for rent (see listing below) for $6,217/month (Triple net). Gordon confirmed that they were only 2 years into their lease so they are looking for someone to take over the lease for the great space/location. The listing, appropriately for these times, notes that given its tight size, it would be an “Excellent location for a down-sizing restaurant refocusing on the delivery and app-based food businesses.”

Dr. Granville Moore’s Brickyard opened in August 2007 from the late Joe Englert and managing partner Chris Surrusco. It was one of the first sit-down restaurants of the so-called “Atlas District.” After the opening chef quit after two weeks, Teddy Folkman took over the kitchen, later becoming an owner and dueling victoriously over celebrity Chef Bobby Flay. The folks behind Queen Vic bought it in October 2017, connected with Folkman’s move to South Carolina, where as of this spring he was the “culinary helm of the Timbers Kiawah Ocean Club & Residences, serving as the exclusive food & beverage manager”

The full statement below leaves some sort of possible hope if sales pick up. The Pasta Place is open Tue-Sun 6-9p for pickup/delivery online or via most of the main apps.

Sadly, it’s true.  We think we will have to shut down Granville Moore’s for good by the end of this month.

This pandemic hit us really hard.  People loved Granvillle’s for the moules frites, so not being able to offer them as a take-out option has been catastrophic for us.

We had to change the concept a few months ago in the hopes that the sales from the temporary concept could tide us over to help pay rent, insurance and utilities until we could re-open as Granville Moore’s with the original Belgian menu.   

However, the sales from the new concepts have not been high enough to cover even basic expenses and every day we are losing more money and getting more into debt.

If we had more time and resources, I think we could have made it work, but between trying to keep The Vic open, as well as working side jobs to be able to pay our personal bills, we simply don’t have anything left to give to Granville’s.

We are only two years into our lease, so hopefully between the great location, the ABRA license and the equipment, someone else can take over the lease and make a success of it.

We will keep Granville Moore’s Pasta Place open for as long as we can afford it, but we imagine that will only be for the next few weeks.

Guest Post – Tony T Remembers Capitol Lounge


[This is a guest post from Tony Tomelden. You may know him by Tony T, who owns (solo or w/ others) The Pug, Union Trust, and Brookland’s Finest. Before these joints opened, he managed Capitol Hill’s Capitol Lounge for years, which announced yesterday on social media (Twitter (post went viral), Facebook, and Instagram) that it was closing after Sunday, September 20th, saddening former and current customers and staff all over DC and beyond. The current owner Jimmy Silk explained to Jessica Sidman of Washingtonian that its revenues of about 10% of average normal revenues weren’t sustainable but he was keeping the decor/memorabilia for future possible reopening at a different location in the future.]

By Tony T

I dated the server in this pic above while I was at the Lounge. More on that later.

The Lounge opened mid April 1996 I think (someone will look it up and give the correct date; Editor’s Note: appears to be May 15, 1996). Like that first U2 show in the states, everybody was there. Not me. I wasn’t even there the first fucking night. I was still at 15 Min Club and Planet Fred.  I was gonna be a shift manager at the Lounge. As often happens, there were pretty quick shake ups and Little Joe and I ended up managers. Big Joe Englert was hoping for a cocktail/martini friendly bar with a cigar lounge in the basement.  Little Joe and I were probably not the best choices in that regard. Unlike his other spots, Big Joe was pretty hands on at the Lounge. Pretty quickly though he ceded control of the jukebox to me. (pre-internet jukebox you heathens).

It was pretty touch and go, summer is never busy and on the Hill, campaign years are tough. Easter weekend that first year we did $0.25 drafts Good Friday and maybe 20 people came through (Way less than opening night).  Joe and I worked for tips alone. At one point Austin Grill expressed an interest in taking over, and Big Joe was stoked, but it fell through and we kept at it.

The $2 Cap Amber was Dominion. We offered Guinness, Newcastle, Sierra, and the usual fare for the mid 90s. We finally started getting crowds. I worked Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday. Happy Hour on Fridays was really getting to be a thing. For whatever reason, one of our beer deliveries was every Friday. They were always late. After the 3rd or 4th happy hour delivery in a row, I told the driver if he came during happy hour again, I would drop Miller Lite. “No you won’t.” So now you know that bit.

The MLS started in 96 as well. Big Joe hired Old Town Trolley to run back and forth between the lounge and RFK. We sold tickets to section 232 at the bar. The Capitol Lounge Choir. Along with Summers and Lucky Bar, we were it for soccer. The DC Belfast supporters club spent a season there arguing with Lavo. Joe worked on the odd hour waivers for the World Cups.

Big Joe was from some dusty ass suburb of dusty ass Pittsburgh. As soon as it was available, he had the NFL package going. I had to listen to polka every time the Stillers scored. For two awful years before Politiki, we were the Steelers bar. Bunch of the Steelers regulars brought Jerome Bettis in one night for drinks. Course I had no idea who he was.  After the fire, DirecTV gave us no break on fees, so yeah, they can go fuck.

The MPD first district substation is around the corner. A lot of LEO [ed. note: law enforcement officers] regulars. The IMF World bank demonstrations/disturbances from so long ago were organised by some folks working in an office above the Chinese restaurant a few doors down.  On a walk through one night all of the anarchists were shooting pool with the MPD bomb squad. No one ever knew. No Politics. Tough in DC, but we did alright. Those last couple Sundays in an NFL season, after a campaign cycle, there were more often than not opposing campaigns drinking together.

Yep, I DJed Saturday nights. It was good fun.

I met a huge crowd of people at the Lounge who have meant an awful lot to me over the years. When my kids started school, there were three types of parents, 1. “hey, why do i recognize you?” 2.  “TonyT!!! What’s up?!” and inevitably, 3. the ones who looked away. Mostly, I had chucked them out one night or another

Yes, Big Joe made me fire the server I started dating. Stephanie and I have been married 17 years.

Never saw lobbyists pick up big tabs, even after the rules changed. Never got prominent politicians drunk. I always made kamikazes, cosmos and appletinis when asked. Was never treated like shit by an elected official. We did not consume a case of Jamesons my final shift.

I hated that place and I will miss it terribly. For a bit, it was the best bar on the planet, and DC will be worse off after all this shit is over and all the little places are fucking gone.

One of DC’s Best Lowkey Cocktail Bars – 600 T – Reopens for Patio Seating and Take-Out Thursday

A selection of 4 cocktails to go at 600 T

Patio in progress of being finished at 600 T last week.

One of DC’s best lowkey, unassuming cocktail bars, 600 T (Facebook, Instagram, website, 600 T NW at Florida), opens its new colorful back patio, with takeout drinks available, starting this Thursday. The spot will be open Thu-Sat evenings from 5p-midnight. Reservations for the 24 seat patio can be made via Resy.

To comply with ABRA regulations, a short snack menu of housemade beef jerky ($7 chili-garlic or siracha were the flavors available early), savory nuts ($3), or popcorn w/ berbere ($3) is available.

At first, takeout bottled cocktails (some stirred cocktails will come with ice, otherwise ready to drink) will be sold to walk-ins or those at the patio. Starting next week, cocktails can also be purchased in advance on 600 T’s website.

I was invited to try out four of the bottled cocktails (mostly $12):

1) mezcal (muddle cucumber, blackberries, lemon basic, soda)
2) chartreuse (bell pepper juice, lime, prosecco)
3) rum (lime juice, creme de banana, cardomom maple syrup, pineapple juice, ginger juice, paranubes, tepache (sweetened fermented drink from pineapple rind/skin)
4) absinthe (Italicus (Italian liquer), lime juice, aperol, grapefruit-vanilla shrub, muddled mind, float of Peychaud’s bitters).

All of them were creative and unique (only the chartreuse wasn’t my cup of tea). The jerky was awesome as well.  Owner Stephen Lawrence to expect boozy Italian ice drinks as well as beer cocktails made with tapeche in the future. 

Menu below (subject to change)


Victura Park – from Ian Hilton and Co. – Comes to The Reach at the Kennedy Center Today

Pic from Victura Park –
Mykl Wu

Pic from Victura Park –
Mykl Wu

The REACH at the Kennedy Center, which opened last September, has partnered with nightlife impresario Ian Hilton and his partners (American Ice, El Rey, Chez Billy Sud, etc.) to operate a seasonal outdoor cafe/wine garden. Victura Park, “soft” opening on Friday July 10th with full opening next week, will be an outdoor pop-up based out the River Pavilion (pictured above). The name comes from one of JFK’s sailboats. The space is dotted with outdoor picnic/cafe tables (shade umbrellas). People will be allowed to spread out on a blanket on the grass.

Hilton told me the concept was inspired by the casual nature of wineries. Beverages will be (at least mostly) in cans, including macro/craft beer ($7-8), cider ($8), wine (mostly $9), boozy seltzer/canned cocktail ($8-$9), and water (4); food will be casual-charcuterie/cheese boards ($29 for full, though you get smaller), olives, seasonal fruit, baguette/evoo. The spot, easily accessible by the new pedestrian/walk-your-bike bridge from the Potomac River waterfront (across Rock Creek Parkway), will be open throughout the summer Fri (3-10p), Sat (Noon-10p), Sun (Noon-8p).

The spot invites those to tag @victurapark (Twitter, Instagram) using hashtag #OasisWithinReach. 2700 F St NW is the address.

Before learning of this news, Barred in DC biked by the REACH and checked out the serene space that feels like it’s over the water, pics below; booze may only be allowed in certain areas).

The REACH at Kennedy Center (pic by Barred in DC) . Patrons will be allowed to hang out in specific areas socially distant from one another on the grass

The REACH at Kennedy Center (pic by Barred in DC)

The REACH at Kennedy Center (pic by Barred in DC)

[Note: This is Barred in DC’s first ever “embargoed” news scoop. Hilton reached out and told Barred in DC about this last Thursday but asked him to hold off until later to avoid crowds at opening]

H Street Bars and Restaurants – Pick-up and Delivery or Dining On-Site

Last Updated: November 1, 2020

An attempt at a comprehensive look at what restaurants/bars are doing for food/booze pick-up/delivery/dine-in in the H Street corridor (yes this is selfish exercise as I live there).

UPDATE: Those open for outdoor and/or indoor dining are noted below in red.

1400 Block or East 

  • Tony’s Place: Pickup and DoorDash, Grubhub delivery.
  • Manny and Olga’s: Pickup/delivery. Order online or call 202-397-2222.
  • The New Elroy Bar: Pickup and outdoor dining. 5-11p Tue-Sat. Call 202-599-1574 to order pickup
  • The Ella Grace: Pickup and indoor dining. 5p-mid. Possibly Sunday burnc
  • Chick-Fil-A: Open for pickup. Use app or online ordering.

1300 Block  

  • Tony’s Breakfast: Pickup and UberEats delivery. Open 5:30a-9p M-Sat, 6a-6p Sun. U
  • Bab Korean Fusion: Open for pickup and UberEats delivery. Open 11a-9p Mon-Sat. Online ordering available on website or Chownow (pickup).
  • BRINE: Pickup (order online) and indoor/outdoor dining. 5-11p M-Th, 5p-mid Fri-Sat. 11a-3p brunch Sat.
  • Biergarten HausPickup (order online) and outdoor dining. Open 5p-11p M-Th, 5p-mid Fri, Noon-mid Sat, Noon-11p Sun
  • Maketto: Pickup and delivery. Indoor/outdoor dining.. 7a-10p M-Sat. Order online for pickup. Caviar main delivery partner. Cocktails available via Grubhub . Also Grubhub, Uber Eats.
  • Bullfrog Bagels: Pickup and delivery. 7a-1p Tue-Sun. Pre-order, pre-pay to avoid waiting by texting BULLFROG to 33733 or Chownow pickup. Doordash delivery.
  • Dangerously Delicious/Pie Shop DC: Pickup and delivery. 11a-10p. Closed Tues. Pickup via call (202-398-7437) or Chownow and delivery through UberEats and DoorDash. Date Night Deal – M, W, Th ($28 for 2 savory, 2 sweet pies, and 2 drinks Date Night Deal in evening). Have done outdoor rooftop dining Thu-Sat but cold weather may not do anytmore.
  • Hill Prince: Pickup. 5-10p Wed-Sat. Order online.
  • Insomnia Cookies: Pickup and delivery. Online/Chownow
  • Turning Natural: Pickup. 9:30a-5p M-F, 10:30a-6:30p Sat-Sun.  Order using Turning Natural app or Chownow for pickup
  • Roses Dejavu: Pickup and indoor dining in evening. $25 seafood platters.
  • The Gold Room: Pickup, delivery and outdoor rooftop dining. Carryout spot open downstairs open 10a-8p (possibly just Thu-Sun) Ubereats delivery. Rooftop open 5-11p Thu-Sat. Reservations email
  • Kitsuen: Outdoor Dining: Open Wed-Fri 4-mid.  Sat- Sun noon-mid. Reservations required at HH 1/2 off drinks W-F 4-8p
  • Imm on H Thai & Sushi: Pickup, delivery, or indoor dining. Noon-10p  Tues-Sun. Indoor dining F-Sun. Order through website/Toast Tab (15% off using code IMMLOVER) for carryout or delivery (Grubhub, Yelp for delivery). Beer, wine, and spirits. Call 202-748-5536 for reservations
  • Little Stable (at Gallery on H from Stable owners): Outdoor dining.  Reserve via Resy/202-734-4890. Open Thu-Sat 5-10p. Last day 11/7
  • Sospeso: Pickup, delivery, indoor dining. 11a-9p M, W, Th, 9a-9p F-Sun, closed Tue. Pickup (website/ToastTab or call 202-827-3123) or delivery (Toast (via DoorDash), DoorDash, UberEats, Caviar).
  • Stable: Pickup or delivery (within 2 miles) Thursday-Friday 4-8p, Saturday 10a-2p. Order online,  email, or call 202-733-4604. Fondue/raclette set available for $75 deposit.
  • Thamee – Pickup. Delivery via Skip The Line, Doordash, Grubhub, Tock.  Special Sat breakfast popups. Sunday La Tejana breakfast popup (9:30a-12:30p. Wed-Th, Sat 4-8p. Fri 11a-8p. Sun 3-8p.

Closed:  H Street Country Club (RedRocks and MeggRolls closed permanently)

1200 Block 

  • Pow Pow:  Pickup. 11:30a-9p, closed Tues. Order on website. Chownow available. Can use code PowPowFamily for 20% off for takeout/delivery by ordering direct.
  • Sol Mexican Grill: Pickup. Pickup via website/Chownow and delivery on UberEats. Beer/margs available inerson. Open 8a-10p daily.
  • Milk and Honey in Smith Commons: Pickup, Delivery (Grubhub), indoor dining. Online ordering or in-person. Open 11a-6p Tues-Th. 11a-8p F-Sat. 10a-8p Sun . Beer, wine, and cocktails for sale.
  • DC Diner: Pickup or delivery. Open 9p – 3p (overnight). Pickup in person or delivery UberEats.
  • On the Rocks: Pickup, delivery, and indoor dining. Open 6p-mid M-Sat. Pickup (call 202-735-1946) or Delivery (all the apps). Menu on instagram
  • Granville Moore’s Pasta Place: Pickup or Delivery. Wed-Mon 5:30-8:30p. Order online for pickup or  delivery via most services.
  • Toki Underground: Delivery or pickup, 11:30-9p M-Th, 11:30a-10:30p Fri-Sat, 11:30a-8p Sun.   Order directly through their website/Toast Tab for pickup. Delivery/pickup via Caviar. Pickup order outside.
  • Popeye’s:, delivery/pickup via website, Doordash, Grubhub.
  • Sticky Rice: Pickup and delivery. Chownow and all other platforms. Kids eat free 7 days a week and free toilet paper roll with every sushi roll. 202-397-7655.  Pickup order outside
  • The Queen Vic: Pickup, delivery, indoor & outdoor (at Nomad patio) dining.  5-10p Mon, Wed-Th; 5p-11p Fri-Sat; Noon-10p Sun   Call 202-396-2001 for pickup (15% off). Menu on Facebook page, changes daily. $18 32 oz growlers, $32 64 oz. growlers (includes growler glass).  Delivery via UberEats, or Grubhub (alcohol avail with latter). Indoor Dining – reserve on Resy
  • Peregrine at The Pug: coffee pop-up. Order via Joe Coffee Order App or walk-up via service window. Open 8a-1p Mon-Sat.
  • Ocean Lounge: Open Indoors (presumably pickup too) – 7p-mid Fri-Sat.

Closed: The Pug, Truth 78, 12Twelve/KyssKyss, Nomad

1100 Block

  • Choong Man: Pickup (call or online/Chownow), delivery (UberEats), or indoor/ outdoor dining (reservation). 4p-mid M-Th, Noon-mid F-Sat. 
  • Cusbah: Pickup, in-house delivery (plus UberEats or Grubhub, or outdoor dining.  Order at window/website/Chownow. M-Th 4-9p, F-Sat Noon-10p, Sun Noon-9p CLOSING 11/15
  • &pizza: Order pickup or delivery on website (free delivery).
  • CopyCat Co.: Pickup, free delivery, indoor/outdoor dining. 5p-mid daily. $15 cocktails/food items, $20 double order of select cocktails, some liquor bottles, beer, wine.  Also bottles of wine, beer. Order online or call at 202-241-1952. Reservations available via email Walk-ins ok
  • Little Miss Whiskey’s: Pickup and delivery by appointment only 5-9p Tue-Th, 5-10p F-Sat, Delivery (w/in 2 miles, $30 minimum $1/beer and $5 delivery fee) Email 
  • Jerk at Nite: Pickup (food truck line) or delivery. Open Noon-10p Wed-Th, Fri Noon-sunset, Sat 7p-2a . Storefront opening soon. Temporarily closed

1000 Block 

  • The Pursuit Wine Bar & Kitchen: Pickup, indoor/outdoor dining. Open Noon-10p. Order from Website/Toast or call. Extensive wine bottles available.  Reservations available via Resy.
  • The Haymaker: Order Pickup or delivery (1 mile radius) from 4-10p Mon-Sat on website/Chownow or call.. $9 punch ($25 quart). $9 boozy frozen cocktails.  $10 32 oz draft beer, $19 64 oz growler. $10 cocktails
  • Duffy’s Irish Pub:  Pickup, delivery, outdoor dining. Order online or call 202-462-WING for pickup or  delivery (delivery also avail from all the providers), 4-10p M-Th, 11:30a-10p Fri-Sun. Dining via dvance reservation or sameday waitlist
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl: Pickup or outdoor dining. Open 11a-7p Sun-Th, 11a-8p Fri-Sat. Online order via website or Toast
  • Crab Boss: New Spot above Ben’s. Pickup and outdoor dining (reserve via OpenTable). Online order via Toast. Delivery via DoorDash.  5-9p W-Th, 5-10p Fri, 3-11p Sat. Noon-7p Sun.

800-900 Block

  • Chupacabra: Pickup, delivery, outdoor dining. 11:30a-10p Tue-Sun. Margaritas ($14 16 oz., $25 32 oz.) & $4 Beer. Pickup in-person/call or Grubhub. Delivery UberEats.
  • Ledo Pizza: Order for pickup online. Open Noon-9p Sun, 11a-10p M-Th, 11a-11p Fri-Sat
  • Dirty Water: Open for outdoor/indoor dining. Reservations mostly, text 504-296-6180.  Noon-Mid Sat-Sun. Usually 6p-Mid weekdays but may be closed if slow or no sports. $20-$40 open bar.

Closed: Quara,, Dio

700 Block

  • Po Boy Jim: Pickup, Delivery, limited indoor/outdoor dining. Order via Chownow/Toast/online or pickup by calling 202-621-7071 or in-person. Delivery via UberEats. 11a-10p Sun-Th. 11a-mid Fr-Sat.
  • Fresca: Order for pickup or free delivery on website. Outdoor dining
  • Crown Fried Chicken: Open for pickup or delivery (Doordash, Grubhub). Open late.
  • Major’s Carry Out:  Open for pickup or delivery, closed Sun. (website, Grubhub)
  • Felicity Lounge: Open indoors. Usually at 6p
  • Allure Lounge: open indoors

600 Block

  • Starbucks: Open for pickup (mobile app) and delivery (UberEats) 6-8p M-F, 7a-7p Sat-Sun. Outdoor dining
  • Farmbird: Pickup and delivery on via Caviar (possibly DoorDash certain hours) 8a-10p. Breakfast burritos till 11a. Outdoor dining.
  • Rice Bar: Open for pickup (walk-in, online perhaps ) or delivery (possibly DoorDash)
  • The WydownOrder for pickup at door online/Chownow. Outdoor dining perhaps. Open 7a-2p M-Th. 7a-7p Fri-Sat. 7a-6p Sun. Coffee, snacks, $13-24 bottles wine, beer ($3 craft cans), liquor (bottles), cocktail packs
  • Fancy Radish: Open for pickup, delivery (DoorDash/Caviar) and indoor dining 4-9p W-Sat (indoor starts Wed-Fri at 5p) 

Closed: Solid State Books (pickup books only), Whole Foods H St Pub

500 Block 

  • Cava: Order for pickup online or UberEats delivery. Outdoor dining
  • DC Harvest: PIckup, delivery, indoor/outdoor dining (bonus patio in back and streatery). Delivery via Grubhub. 5:30p-10p W-Th, 11a-11p F-Sat, 11a-10p Sun
  • Pizza Walay: Pickup or delivery. 5% discount if order via website. App available. Grubhub, Doodash.
  • Le Grenier: Pickup, delivery, or indoor dining. Call for curbside pickup (if you call – 10% off order or free bottle of wine with purchase of $60 or over). Delivery available on UberEats. Open 5-10p Tue-Th, 5p-11p Fri, 11a-11p Sat, 5-10p Sun
  • Butter Chicken Co. 2: Pickup or delivery available on Grubhub or UberEats. Outdoor Dining. Open Noon-10p Tue-Sun.

300-400 Block

  • The Big Board: Pickup or Indoor/outdoor dining. 5-9:15p M-Th, Noon-9:15p F-Sat.. Call ahead at 202-543-3630. $3 beer, $8 32 oz. growler fill ($4 more for glass), $16 64 oz. fill)
  • Sidamo: open 7a-3p for walk-in pickup. Outdoor dining (limited)
  • Nando’s: Order for pickup on website or app. Delivery via UberEats, DoorDash.
  • Cane: Order for pickup online or delivery via Doordash/Caviar. 11a-8p Mon-Th, 11a-9p Fri-Sat.
  • Ethiopic: Order for pickup or delivery or outdoor diining. Call 202-675-2066 or website, Caviar/Doo. Ethiopian beer/wine available. Open Tue-Th 5p-10p. Noon-10p F-Sun.
  • Fare Well: Open for outdoor dining (patio/streatery) pickup or delivery (order online/Toast). Open 4-8:30p W-Th, 10a-8:30p F-Sun . Batched cocktails include $18 for 2, $35 16oz.; $25-45 64 oz growlers. $31.50 Liter wine. 
  • Pho Viet USA: Open for pickup via 202-621-6388 or Grubhub. Delivery via Grubhub or UberEats. 11a-8p daily.

Closed: Bar Elena

Just North of H St Corridor

  • Old City Market: Order for pickup or delivery on website. Revised hours Noon-8p daily. 12% Discount if pay in person (call or in person)
  • Laos in Town: Order pickup or delivery  on website or call 202-864-6620. Outdoor dining. 11a-10p M-F,  Noon-10p Sat-Sun 
  • Indigo: Order pickup on website or delivery on Caviar (recommended),, Doordash, Grubhub. Open 11a-9p M-F, 4-9p Sat. Patio and outdoor bar open
  • Exhale Bar & Lounge – indoor/outdoor dining. 6p-mid Th-Sat, Noon-Mid football Sun. Food trucks including Jerk and Nite.
  • Far East Taco: Order online for pickup. Grubhub Delivery. 11a-9p Mon-Sat.

Just South of H St Corridor

  • Union Kitchen: Open for pickup. Delivery on UberEats.
  • Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse: Order for pickup via website 7a-3p M, 7a-6p Tue-F, 8a-6p Sat-Sun. Outdoor Dining
  • Butter Chicken Co. 3: Pickup or delivery available on Grubhub or UberEats. Outdoor Dining. Open 11:30a-7p M-Sat.
  • Jacob’s Cofeehouse: Open for pickup 7a-3p M-F, 8a-3p Sat-Sun. Call or order line.
  • Cafe Fili: Pickup or delivery, outdoor dining 11a-9p via online/Toast Tab
  • Manna Dosirak (15th and D NE): Pickup and Delivery. Open Noon-9p M-Sat. Order online for pickup or delivery via Ubereats, Grubhub, or Doordash
  • Kenny’s BBQ: Open for pickup/outdoor dining. 11a-9p M-Sat, Noon-8p Sun

Beered in DC Release + Barred in DC 7th Anniversary Party – Saturday March 21st – 1p – Right Proper Shaw Brewpub

Beered in DC pre-fermentation

UPDATE: Get your shirts ordered by March 6th so they arrive in time for the event.

Beered in DC, the beer being brewed #ByDCForDC by Right Proper Brewing Company in collaboration with Barred in DC as well as Lost Lagers, will be released to the public on draft only on Saturday, March 21st, beginning at 1:00 p.m. (end time TBA). This free-to-attend event, held at Right Proper’s Shaw Brewpub (625 T St. NW), will also “celebrating” SEVEN years since Barred in DC ignominiously was launched on a fateful day in March 2013.  As you should know, this beer, generally in the saison style of beers, was created based on a series of Barred in DC’s not-quite-but-should-be-trademarked Twitter polls (see here for details on results).

Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Barred in DC met with Right Proper’s head brewer, Bobby Bump, and Lost Lager’s Michael Stein, as well as Matt and Kelsey, two awesome Twitter followers who won a “contest” to join them, to brew the beer. It will be copper/ruby in color; not too heavy/not too light in body; made with German/Czech hops; rye used in the brewing; and around 6.0% ABV. The beers are currently fermenting in a 5 barrel tank, which produces about 10 kegs (over 1600 12 oz beers). Expect the beer to be on tap for at least a couple weeks.

Beered in DC, logged.

Look for more details in this space as the event gets closer; there will likely be Barred in DC giveaways and hopefully some merchandise for sale. To be eligible for any giveaways, make sure you follow Barred in DC on Twitter and/or Instagram; ditto for Right Proper. We will be excited to meet everyone IRL we’ve met in person over the years while we see how wise the public was in devising the beer’s attributes.

The collaboration has already been covered by a Beer Me, a live radio show/podcast recorded on Full Service Radio and by DCist and Washingtonian.

Grains about to be Brewed

Barred in DC and Right Proper Collaborating on Beer Designed By DC, For DC

UPDATE: The Beer Will Be/Have:

  • Copper/ruby in color

  • Not too heavy/not too light in body

  • Old World hops (saaz/hallertau/tettnang)

  • Rye as an adjunct

  • 5.1%-6.3% ABV, and 

  • A Saison

Here’s the big news folks. [Now covered in a PODCAST/RADIO SHOW, BEER ME, and by DCist and Washingtonian

No, we are not moving to Clarendon. Instead, Barred in DC is teaming up with the great folks at DC’s own Right Proper Brewing Company (head brewer, Bobby Bump) as well as Michael Stein (Lost Lagers, to collaborate on a new beer designed by DC, for DC (well, our Twitter followers at least).

We’ve devised a series of Twitter polls querying DC on their preferred beer characteristics (including appearance, body, hops, other ingredients, ABV, and others). The beer will be crafted based on whatever characteristics are the top result of each poll, which will be tweeted out over the next few weeks. This may be either brilliance or madness (why not both?), but the beer will be available for all at a release party at Right Proper’s Shaw Brewpub in the coming months (TBD date).

This idea was hatched when Mr. and Mrs. Barred attended the wildly successful collaboration with Black Brew Movement for a Cuffing Saison earlier this month. Bobby and Michael have always been great supporters of Barred in DC, so this is a great fit.

Let the polling and brewing begin.


Appearance/Color (1528 votes): Copper/Ruby (33.2%), Pale/Hazy (30.4%), Pale/Clear (18.8%), Dark as Night (17.6%)

Body (733 votes): Not too heavy/too Light (39.6%), Light/Crisp (37%), Creamy/Thick/Robust (23.5%)

Type of Hops (489 votes): Old World (41.5%), New School (25.2%), Old School (22.7%), No Hops on Brew Day (10.6%)

Specific Type of Hops (328 votes): Saaz/Hallertau/Tettnang (38%), Northern Brewer/Fuggle/East Kent Golding (27%), Perle/Lublin/Fuggle (21%), Northern Brewer/East Kent Golding/Tettnang (14%)

Adjunct (498 votes): Rye (37.3%), Honey (31.5%), Flaked Barley (19.3%), Dark Candi Sugar (11.8%)

More Wild Card Ingredients (291 votes): Please no mas (46.7%), Citrusy fruit peel (26.8%), local spice blend (26.5%)

ABV (586 votes): 5.1-6.3% (41.6%), 6.4-7.6% (22.4%), 7.7-8.9% (18.8%), 3.8-5.0 (17.2%)

Favorite Right Proper Beer (203 votes): Raised by Wolves (55.7%), Haxan (18.7%), Baron Corvo (14.8%), Blanc Slate (10.8%)

Beer Style (874 votes): Saison (50.2%), Lager (49.8%)

So Long Iron Horse Tap Room, Long (?) Live Boardwalk in Penn Quarter

Ground Floor Bar at The Borad

The Boardwalk, 507 7th St. NW (at E St), M-F open at 4p, Sat-Sun 2pish, HH 4-7p M-F Sat-Sun 2-5p, Twitter, website (est. 2019)

Iron Horse Tap Room, the biker-themed Penn Quarter spot with games and a solid beer list, unceremoniously closed on Saturday October 26th, two months shy of a full decade in operation.The announcement that it would be replaced by The Boardwalk came first October 3rd from the Washingtonian right after PoPville reported the imminent closing (Eater also picked up the news; like most bar news in DC, if you only read the Washington Post, you still won’t know this happened). The owners of Iron Horse appear to retain ownership in The Boardwalk, but they have now brought on the folks who run the super-bro Shaw bars Cortez and Takoda-to be managing partners. The spot opened officially last night, as detailed in this Washingtonian story. (posting the story and a pic of the menu brought strong reactions-see below)

Via Washingtonian

Barred in DC stopped by the new spot for happy hour last night. The ground floor is certainly transformed-the floor is painted white and everything is much brighter. Instead of motorcycles, beach cruiser bikes you might rent at a boardwalk are hung. The basement basically seems identical to Iron Horse, with a few new games and a paint refresh. The opening night menu features eight $12 cocktails on draft (including the Takoda Mule and Cortez Margarita), as well as eleven draft beers. Aside from the much ridiculed $7 Miller Lite and the even-worse priced Miller High Life, the other beers are $8-9 which are about $1 more for many of the same beers were priced two weeks before. Other than a 7 oz. pony bottle of High Life, no cans or bottles are yet offered. During happy hour, the draft cocktails are $4 off, the High Life is $3 off, and rails are $5; a “Happy Meal” with a 7 oz High Life + a shot of whiskey (Evan Williams per the bartender) is offered. Because why not, I got the “Butter Corn Old Fashioned” which was boozy as the menu claimed-made with butter washed bourbon, bitters, demara, and black walnut; garnished with a maraschino cherry. Not gonna lie, I liked it and probably is worth might be even worth the $12 it costs.

Butter Corn Old Fashioned and Popcorn

Food options are slim: a hot dog (a follower said it was great-$6 made by Autumn Olive Farms; $1 more for chili on it), $5 ice cream sandwich, and $2 freshly made popcorn (nothing special, but tasted good). Hot dogs are $4 and popcorn is free during happy hour. No corn dogs or cotton candy so far, though mentioned in initial releases.

The Iro…er, The Boardwalk, basement bar

Based on Twitter chatter, none of the bartenders from Iron Horse (which was apparently popular with industry late night crowd in the neighborhood) are with this new incarnation. Twitter reaction has not been kind. Here are a sampling of comments, bulleted for your edification (like those meme stealers on Instagram, I’m taking all the credit for these):

  • I was really excited to go to this boardwalk themed bar which surely wasn’t going to attract a bunch of annoying people but then I saw High Life was $7 and I decided to shut my face in a car door repeatedly instead
  • So they closed a great bar to reopen as an awful bar. Awesome.
  • Before a Caps game there’s nothing I want to do more than drink a candy apple spritz
  • I went for a drink tonight to see what they did to Iron Horse. The people that created this monstrosity definitely have this sign [that says ‘live’ ‘laugh’ ‘love;’]. The entire place reminds me of that episode of Bar Rescue when they turned Piratz in Silver Spring into a corporate bar.
  • Iron Horse was a great late night industry place. Boardwalk on the other hand will not be…looks like Jackpot will benefit from IH closing
  • It sounds like an the menu looks like a touristy cash grab.
  • “Have you tried their butter corn old fashioned?” is code for “I just moved here recently from out of state”
  • …we lost Iron Horse for this?
  • Trash.
  • Just walked by…no thank you…
  • This is awful.
  • F this place. Bring back Iron Horse Taproom.
  • I give that place a year maybe 2. Should’ve opened it in Clarendon.
  • Wellp. So much for this place. That’s just disappointing as hell.
  • Is there an upcharge for “Boardwalk Lager” champagne service?
  • Already hate this place. Iron Horse had a great drought list, and happy hour applied to everything. Hate it when they throw the lousiest beer on their happy hour menu and call it a day. Losing both Iron Horse and Penn Commons was a major blow for HH in Chinatown.
  • $7 for a Miller Lite. The Boardwalk is the bourgeoisie.
  • First RFD is gone… Then Iron Horse…now THIS bullshit?
  • the worst part is there will still be tons of people there paying $7 for a damn miller lite.
  • I just got a lot less excited.
  • God damn it
  • Lol wtf seriously #MillerHighLife $7 huh well I know where I wont bring the kitchen cooks and bar staff… damn guys you need to stay more competitive with the other bars… what the hell is up with your beer prices
  • That draft list is just a bit ersatz compared to iron horse.
  • $7 for a high life?! this place will be closed by next baseball season.
  • Have they even SEEN a beach before—no one is paying 7 dollars for a damn Miller Lite. Also, what’s with no hard seltzer??
  • No boardwalk fries, no orange crush. Sick.
  • Somehow a cocktail being on tap makes me feel significantly worse about paying $12 for it.



Club Heaven and Hell Sent Straight to Hell – Record Setting Fine and Suspension (UPDATE)

1/30/20 Update: In the biggest upset of 2020 (move over Titans over Ravens), the bar, after being closed for 3 months, actually paid the $90,000 fine and can now re-open as of January 30th.

Club Heaven and Hell, the long-time Adams Morgan club (opened around 1991), suffered a massive blow last week when the DC Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) fined it a whopping $90,000 and suspended its liquor license for 90 days (November 1st-January 29th). This is believed by Barred in DC to be a record fine by ABRA (Halftime Sports Bar was fined $60,000 in Dec 2018, and never re-opened) and record liquor license suspension (though ABRA has revoked liquor licenses before).

The severe punishment mostly results, coupled with a history of violations, from an August 2018 incident where the bar illegally outsourced its security to a promoter of a live music event and violated the terms of its mandated security plan. Specifically, it allowed the promoter to check IDs and control ingress/egress into the club (per DC law, bars can rent out their spots to a promoter but the licensee must control the bar and security staff) and it did not have two bouncers and check everyone’s IDs as it opened (as required by its security plan). Also, the infamous “Yellow Death” cleaning fluid Long Island Iced Tea incident was factored in the penalty: the bar owner admitted accidentally adding Yellow Death cleaning fluid (instead of sour mix) in the drink in November 2018. The bar wasn’t actually punished directly for the mistake by ABRA; instead it was docked because it failed to fill out an incident report and log it in its security log as required by the security plan.

All the ABRA commissioners present found Club Heaven and Hell to be liable, though one recommended revocation of the license. The huge fine and lengthy no booze sales outage (which likely means closure during the period) may be crippling for a bar (known for 80s Dance parties on Thursdays)-it might not reopen. Thus, it’s likely that a motion for reconsideration and/or appeal to DC Court of Appeals will be filed shortly. Stay tuned.

Getting Schooled on Cocktails: DC Harvest’s Mixology Class

Aviary at DC Harvest

Brothers Jared and Arthur Ringel, who own and run one of my go-to sit-down restaurants, DC Harvest, recently invited Mr. and Mrs. Barred in DC to check out the “DCH Mixology Class.” This independently owned spot, which recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary at its 6th and H St. NE location, serves popular brunches, well-priced local and seasonal dinners, and really good cocktails and beer. The mixology class, which costs a very reasonable $45 (with service fee/tax, a shade under $60 total), features a choice of any three of the spot’s signature cocktails along with any appetizer ($14 or less). Given that 3 cocktails themselves if individually purchased cost around $40, this is a solid deal

The class, which can be as educational (or not) as you want, is set up at the bar and usually taught by Jared. The co-owner explains in detail the inspiration for each cocktail (and its name) and what’s in it, and shows you how it’s made. He also shares some tips along the way that you can take home with you to make great cocktails. If you’re with more than yourself, I highly recommend getting different cocktails so you can sample the whole menu.

The whole menu, including the drinks, are seasonal, so we sampled some great fall cocktails, almost all made with spirits from DC, Virginia, or Maryland. The Apiary features honey (harvested by a DC Harvest server), lemongrass, bee pollen, angelica oil, and a Dutch-style gin; the Citron was quite garden-like, with limoncello (from local distiller Don Cicio & Figlo), house-made zucchini shrub, topped off with heirloom cherry tomatoes; the beautiful Pitaya is made with Falls Church Bourbon (the brothers are from there), dragon fruit syrup, lemon juice, elderflower syrup, and shiso; The Espadin Experiment is only one not made with local spirits, but makes sense, as it featues mezcal, along with roasted cashews, poblano peppers, toasted coconut syrup, and lime juice. I really dug the Monticello which is made with an agave-based spirit from Gray Wolf in St Michael’s (Eastern Shore MD), a housemade paw paw cordial, lemon juice, gomme syrup, nutmeg, and egg white. The one cocktail that is year-round at DCH, Kentucky Windage, is made with Kentucky Gentleman bourbon that has been house-“boosted” to add flavor with gomme syrup and house-made bitters.

The class is available basically every night (except certain holidays), with seatings on the half-hour 5:30-8:30p Sun-Thurs and 5:30-9:30p Fri-Sat. Book at the link.



Ingredients for The Espadin Experiment